is a Bangalore based Fintech startup which is India’s first finance delivery portal which helps clients to find & connect nearest and Industry specific CAs to book an appointment. As business owners/Individuals there is no reliable way to find a CA or get your finance query solved. On the other hand CAs has a tough time finding and providing services to clients. Finaco helps by bridging this gap.

Chartered Accountancy profession has been very well regulated and controlled by Institute of Chartered accountants of India (ICAI) since its inception in 1949 and have 2 lakhs (approx.) CA members in India. Every year 10 thousand (approx.) fresh CAs are added as members.

Finding a CA currently works on the referral model which is probably not the best way to do it. Finaco verifies each and every CA and also showcases their profile which includes their educational qualification, awards, Industry, achievements, reviews and feedback to help clients select the best CAs for also helps CAs in job and CA Articles by providing them a platform to discuss their day to day work, education, article ship/job, refer friends, post vacancies, and connect to CAs in practice and much more. As of now CAs practice is restricted to their city of operation, they have not adapted to the online way of doing business, and one reason can be that there is no reliable way of doing it. Finaco provides them a platform to deliver services online, quick and hassle free.

Finaco focuses to build authentic web content for finance which can be relied upon. Today if you search any query on internet there are high chances to find an article about it but how to rely on that is the question, since it involves financial risk, people are scared to believe. Finance feed by Finaco is a concept where verified CA experts write blogs and articles on different topics which can be referred by users this comes without any charge.

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Finaco doesn’t charge business owners/SMEs/Individuals etc. for finding a CA and for most of the services. However if they opt for consulting a CA online then the CA may charge them a consultation fees.  On the other side for CAs there are basic and premium plans.


The Accounting & Finance domain for SMEs and Individuals combined has a market size of USD 20Bn approx. and growing at 15% per year. In the current scenario most of the work in this sector is done by professionals but there is no common platform to perform all the services at one place and at the same time keep a track of it. The access to data is manual one cannot refer immediately.


Some of the features you need to know about:

  • Find a CA
  • Ask a question
  • Online Consultation (Text/phone/video)
  • Finance feed
  • Discussion Forum
  • Finaco Cloud (Comprehensive practice management software).


Finaco is a much needed product in India and it should become a necessity for CAs and business owners in the same way as Tally is being used today for accounting needs.


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