Those 2 skills are key to personal and professional success


    There are tons of Skills of the Future worth acquiring depending on where you are in your life personally and professionally, and there are 2 skills in particular that I think are key both in business and in your personal life.

    Let’s start with the first one, adopting a CEO Mindset. One of the most remarkable differences between CEOs and any other employee in a company is the level of accountability that comes with the job, and I don’t mean here when things go south and that someone needs to take the blame. I’m talking about being accountable for the future of the company and making sure there’s a vision defined and that concrete actions are being taken, every single day, to get there.

    Developing a CEO Mindset is about acting, personally and professionally, knowing that you are fully responsible for your own success, for obtaining the resources you need to reach your goals or making the most with the resources you have.

    The CEO Mindset is also about always moving forward. We all suffer setbacks we did not anticipate or outcomes not exactly as expected. A CEO doesn’t send everyone home because things didn’t go as planned, but rather steps back, analyzes the situation and puts together a new plan to continue to move forward whether that’s to get to the original goal or to meet a new one.

    And thirdly, CEOs know how to take Calculated Risks, which by the way is the second skill we should all take on I believe. Risk taking is essential to personal and professional success. Whether it’s about taking that job you’re not sure you are ready for, challenging the status quo when you believe there’s a better way to do things, moving from a corporate job to starting your own company, or even moving in with your loved one.

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    I’ve recently watched Sallie Krawcheck’s course on risk taking on LinkedIn Learningwhich has some great pointers as to how to evaluate the risk you are considering and how to decide if you should make that bold move or not and from a person who’s made some big jumps in her career.

    Knowing how to take Calculated Risks is a skill worth having because it’s by doing new things, and taking some level of risk, that you can realistically expect to move forward.

    So having a CEO Mindset and taking Calculated Risks are 2 great adds to a skillset and they’re just as great in the personal life and in the professional one.