Audacity of Being Drone Man In India


    Technology is what we see today everywhere. One can not imagine his life without the use of technology in our day to day life. From TV, fridge, fan, AC, Scooter, Car, Aeroplane, Mobiles, facebook, Google are all the gifts of technology in our life.

    As the human race is moving ahead new and advance technologies are demanded and offered to make life more sustainable, better and comfortable. Drones are not a new thing to human beings today. Since last decade we had been hearing this word everywhere around us and several governments are working hard for the development of this Industry. Let us first understand what is a drone and its uses.


    Drones are the next level robots with flying skills, they were deployed initially in military to gather intelligence, to save lives of soldiers who involves in the air operation.

    Drones reduces man power, gives output with precision. However, commercial drones are now doing a great job in aerial photography, surveying, power grid inspection.

    Drones, in the future, will cover almost every area, like transportation, weapons, medics, etc. And when linked with AI it will do wonders.

    For defense applications, drones play a major role in surveillance. This can be of various types like Terain Mapping , Geo-Tagging, normal CCTV, etc.

    Drones provide the added benefit of wireless control and real time data recording.

    Drones are finding immense popularity in areas like Photography, weather forecasts, animal behavior studies, agriculture, rescue operations, etc.

    The future for drones is certainly a bright one as they become capable of performing more and more tasks as the technology advances and innovative minds come up with additional uses for the technology.

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    They will certainly be used to an extent for delivery, could be used much more in display advertising, for waiter service at select restaurants, farming, fishing and to actually perform construction.

    Engineer Turned Entrepreneur Atif Khan founder & CEO of AT-Lead Pvt. Ltd engaged in the development of commercial as well as personal drones has his own venture based out of India and manufacturing unit in china is proud to be a part of this booming industry.

    Atif says that since his childhood, He wanted to mark a milestone in technology and lead our country towards technology. According to Indian Rules drones are banned in India where as In India drones can be deployed to handle various task like tracking of traffic on roads, surveillance on the dams, agriculture fields, land sliding, gas and oil pipelines and can also be the part of various construction projects to
    provide real time data.

    Atif is little upset for the attitude of Indian government in acceptance towards technology but is sure that one day, the country will realise the true potential of drones and will have set protocols and guidelines in setting up drones and related business in India.

    In A Country like India with almost 1.32 Billion Population, Drones Manufacturing & Management Sector will bring another boom in the employment and will also make this country more closer towards technology. Right now his Company AT-Lead Pvt. Ltd is exporting all sort of drones to large private companies as well as government agencies in highly advance countries like Australia, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, USA. In India Too Atif is taking classes, lectures and training in the technologies like drones, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics in many engineering colleges in India.

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    It is understandable that every technology has prons and cons, drones segment also have some cons, but that are not enough to completely ban drones in India.

    When we can experiment with Atom Bombs and nuclear weapons, Can offer license from driving, guns and Aero-planes. Drones can also be introduced to the people with proper guidelines, training and set rules and protocols and people can be educated for the right and productive use of drones.

    No technology is good or bad, After all it all depends on the humans how we use it. Drones can surely prove a great step and a highly productive segment if handled properly.