Jay Sah & Rohit Kumar Improving Future of False Ceiling With Their Venture MyCeiling


    A Very old saying home is where the heart is! has always proved itself to be true to humans since the beginning of the humanity.

    From the day life evolved on the planet, humans are always eager to build a home for themself, home a place where we spend more than 3/4 of our life, a place where we feel ourself, we enjoy the memorable time with our loved ones, we feel safe & happy.

    A home says lot of things about the owner, the interiors speaks a lot about the personality and trait of the owner. In this modern world where we are surrounded by technology everywhere, our homes are also now tech driven.

    High-fi music system, AI Based electronic gadgets, Lightening, curtains makes a home feel like heaven.

    Four walls of a home is incomplete without the ceiling, its a very amazing fact that when we sleep the only center of focus or attraction is the ceiling of the home.

    Today we are presenting a very innovative startup based out of Bangalore which is into the manufacturing of False Ceiling products. The founder Jay Sah & Co-founder Rohit Kumar are very excited about their technology driven brand MyCeiling.

    MyCeiling pvt ltd is based out of Bangalore and has operations on pan India basis and is into the manufacturing of Ready to fit false ceiling products with RGB led light within. They have their own manufacturing unit based out of India’s Leading Technology Hub Bangalore as well as their own brand. So you can be sure about the service and quality.

    Keeping in mind as how people are more brand conscious and look out for professional experience now-a –days, Myceiling ensures great quality products as per industrial standards, the best one can expect! It not only saves your time & effort but also overcomes the flaws of existing market products made of gypsum sheet and wooden material.

    Lets see what this young venture and its directors have to speak about the venture and how they feel their start-up is going to bring a revolution in the home decor, interiors and construction industry in India.


    1.What is the Name of Your Business Or Brand You Represent?
    MyCeiling Pvt Ltd is Bangalore based manufacturer of ready-to-fit ceiling décor products which is considered a substitute for false ceiling and ceiling light products. Targeting the huge and most defragmented market of false ceiling as well as a portion of décor light market, MyCeiling aims to bring online trend in this segment and dominate with its own brand innovative product-line in future.

    2.What are your target Audience/clients?
    Residential clients: upper middle class and higher class looking for new house interior. Also existing families can go for it because of dust free installation of 15 min.
    Commercial clients: Office reception,conference room, restaurants and hotel rooms prefer such product specially when its relocatable and resell-able. It adds awesomeness to the premises which is much needed for them to attract customers.

    3.Where is your Business based (city, state, country) & What are your geographical target areas?
    Bangalore based corporate office and manufacturing unit We offer products PAN India. In near future we will be offering same globally.

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    4.What are your products or services?
    MyCeiling product is made of powder coated thin metal sheet and pvc components (no gypsum, p.o.p. or wood material) with RGB led light within(which can be operated with remote as well as app). It’s a factory manufactured product which requires no manual labor finishing at site. Basically it’s free from all sorts of drawbacks which we find in a gypsum, p.o.p. and wooden ceiling over time. This ready-to-fit product can be home delivered and installed easily with 15-30min. Remember, it saves weeks time of design finalization & quotation by offering readymade product, standard sizes and wide design gallery (its resellable and relocatable). Also it saves weeks of time which one requires to manually execute the false ceiling work at site, full of dust and labor-finished end product. Innovation lies in the idea of keeping ready stocks of the products, offering wide range of designs online, its ready-to fit structure and single molded look (without any corner joints).

    “This product is just one of our innovations, many more to be launched over time adding to our innovative trend setting product line.” mentions Jay Sah.

    5.What is the current stage of your company?
    Although MyCeiling offers its products for B2C market (PAN India) but the main concentration in its initial stage is to get bulk orders from B2B market, team building and infrastructure setup. It has stepped in to its media marketing, tied up with home décor companies and developers, connecting with interior designers and architects.


    6.Who are your biggest competitors and how do you differentiate yourself from them?
    Major competitor in long term: Saint Gobain, USG Boral and Armstrong (false ceiling market)
    Differential: They dont offer finished products. They are manufacturer of raw material which is consumed by service provider to execute and construct end product. Sales are completely offline. Our product line is setting new trend in this field. Once we grow and gain recognition among people we will target complete false ceiling market (cosist of raw materials) by bringing it online (our next big step in future).

    Potential competitor in near future: Philips, Pasolite, Wipro and Syska (decor light market)
    Differential: These companies can offer similar products as our but not exact due to unique construction secret. Also we will be launching our patent product in coming year which will restrict the competition exceptionally.

    7.What skills Do you want in your employees/team at the time of hiring?
    Leadership skills. Smart work more than hardwork. Belief to make this company the best in the eyes of customers.

    8.What expansion plans are you looking for the next 2 years, next 5 years?
    In next 2 years we are planning to showcase our product-line across all major cities, develop contacts with all interior designers, architects, home decor companies, developers. Offer complete product-line of 7 products. Recognition as trend setting brand for offering an innovative and luxury product.

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    In next 5 years we have plan to escalate to the bigger market of raw material based false ceiling market, bring it to online nature and then it will change the face of the market within a year. It will take a lot of money, time and man power for the same but not impossible.


    9.What was the most challenging part of your journey till now? How did you overcome those challenges?
    To find a starting point is the most challenging part. What to do and then how to do. To start working on a subject which will take months of R&D , idea to innovate and change the existing market is a risk of time. To jump into startup alone leaving your job that even without proper funds takes a lot of will-power. Choosing the right inspiration and walking on the well defined path alongwith acknowledgement of future obstacles makes it possible. To me , way before I started my R&D, found my inspiration: Steve Jobs

    10.Whom do you consider your idol or biggest motivator?
    Steve Jobs is my Idol, my family is my best moral support and Mr Chandan Laxman is my mentor. We worked together in same team at “Livspace” and since then he has been guiding me as a startup-expert.

    11.How your current profile has transformed you as a person?
    I would say we are more productive as an entrepreneur as here each passing moment counts and we look closely to it, how productive we were. Discipline, focus and purpose in life is something we get right here.And the best part is, it makes us a better human as we see many up and down down the road.

    12.If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?
    Now I know where I wasted time and where I have been productive. It took years to find what exactly I should do and the starting point of startup. If I had chance to start my career over again then being more productive, focused and disciplined is something I should have been. Everything happened in its own way over time and I find it perfect, without any regret.

    13. What is that One thing you would like to change in your organization/Business today?
    Ours is an early stage startup and we have started building our team. I guess this question can be answered after a year.

    14. Anything, you would like to say to our readers or fellow business people?
    Today we find many startups with new , innovative and exceptional business idea where they hold great risk. There is no point where you should give up, never give up. Right guidance, open mindset, strong willpower and socializing is something we must have in our plate.

    15. Tell us something about your education & family background.

    Jay Sah:
    Hometown: Ranchi
    My father is retired government employee and mother is housewife.All my family members stay in Patna, Bihar currently.
    High schooling from DAV Shyamali, Ranchi
    Completed Bachelor of Design from NIFT, Bangalore
    3 years work experience as independent interior designer
    2 years job experience as project manager at Livspace

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    Rohit Kumar R

    Hometown : Bangalore

    My father is a businessman and mother is a housewife. Family have been staying here for the last 40 years. High School from Bangalore Higher Secondary School Graduation : Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College Post Gradution: Masters in Business Administration, Alliance University Worked as senior associate for 20months in KPMG India, Bangalore Worked as Manager finance in Rise Finconnect Private limited for 3 years.

    16. What is your USP which makes it unique & different from other Business in similar domains.


    -Ready-to-fit false ceiling substitute with inbuilt LED lights
    -Resell-able and relocatable
    -Design pattern customisation, wide design gallery along with stock keeping
    -Online platform with home delivery facility
    -Easy installation in 15 min by any electrician (no assembling required)
    -Branded false ceiling end-product with warranty (in current market the brand providing raw material doesn’t cover warranty on the end product ie onsite false ceiling executed by third party. So there is no warranty covered as such)


    17. Do you consider yourself successful and by what means do you measure success?
    I have just started,success is far for now. I measure success as how this innovation bring remarkable change in end-users life. If they find it amazing and problem solving product and accept it as a brand, that’s success.

    Jay Sah

    Founder & CEO
    Myceiling Pvt Ltd
    Mob: +91 8951126639
    E-mail: [email protected]


    Rohit Kumar R
    Co-founder, Business Head
    Myceiling Pvt Ltd
    Mob: +91 9538383840
    E-mail: [email protected]