LuvStay Creating safe space for Unmarried Couples.


    For  Indian couples, the process of booking hotel rooms comes with lots of stress .Unmarried couples that just need private space without being harassed and questioning , LuvStay is a website and app that connect you to the hotels which allow couples rent room even for the shorter duration without being judged. Ice on the cake that you can order cakes and chocolates directly to their stay to make your time more memorable.

    Explaining the move, Sumit Anand – Founder of Luvstay , It is important to note that there is no law in India that prohibits hotels from hosting unmarried couples.  But due to social stigma and so called Moral guardian hotels don’t allow couples to rent the room. But now There is a long-standing idea in India, that men and women should not associate with one another, let alone share a room. Conservative India has vehemently discouraged the very idea of ‘love’, ‘pre-marital sex’, ‘casual sex’, etc., between men and women (let alone homosexual relationships), and there are hundreds of instances where couples have been harassed in public spaces. There are people who have declared themselves as ‘the protector of Indian culture and traditions’, and take it upon themselves to ‘educate’ people, based on the morality of the society.

    Sharing the success  story of LuvStay Sumit Anand Founder of LuvStay  said “ He initiate this venture exactly a year back as he himself denied by hotel to get the room. By getting those embarrassment , he decided to researched over it and comes up with the result that we don’t live in 1950’s anymore. If couples are legally adult and hold a valid id proof they should get the room.  At first we faced lots of criticism on this idea, but we ignore the criticism and break the barrier. Our idea to behind this to help genuine couples and promote healthy relationships and some private time for couples. 

    Talking about security measures and moral policing he said. “We got in touch with people including lawyers to understand the legalities connected to providing rooms to unmarried couples. However no law prohibits unmarried couples froom renting rooms.

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    Travellers and lovers alike can find refuge, if only for a few hours, in hospitality establishments that have tied up with the LuvStay. Now that you have a few hours in private, the only thing you should be worried about is her thinking you can’t last that long. 😉

    LuvStay is committed to proving the best possible prices for its customers, while ensuring their safety and privacy. Hotels start from 1000 to 5000 INR.

    We are all guilty of saying incongruous things to couple like “snap out of it, guys” and get a room, fella”. Now they are finally getting one. and quite lawfully. Kudos, team LuvStay. This is wonderful piece of news, and dare someone challenge it..