Launching Leadworx, a fresh cube of ice for marketers.


    Leadworx, an Inbound Lead Generation software company based in Los Angeles, California, is sliding into the spotlight, introducing a freshly conceived freemium lead generation automation platform with handfull of well-thought features and integrations.

    Leadworx helps automate the lead generation process in a fast-paced marketplace where B2B buyer behavior and buying patterns are rapidly changing and businesses are struggling to find relevant leads to pursue. Leadworx, like it’s competitor LeadFeeder, allows companies to source relevant B2B leads and automate this process to make sure constant flow of relevant leads which can feed the sales teams with highly qualified leads.

    Leadworx is an innovative way to track website visitors and convert them into sales leads. Anytime a company visits your website, Leadworx shows you their company details, LinkedIn contacts of the mid and senior level, and much more. Once you have this information, you can follow up on the lead.

    If a company visits the page of one of your products/services for a few minutes, then you know they’re interested. Whether you send them an email with a coupon, more information, or simply ask if they have any questions regarding your products/services, it is entirely up to you. It allows marketers to measure how effective their campaigns are, gives the sales team fresh leads, and provides top management a new outlet to measure company collaboration and success.

    Other key features and road-map include: advanced user tracking, leads database, drip email campaigning, pro-active display advertisement and re-targeting capabilities, and a lot more.

    Leadworx was founded in June 2017. The app does offer a free 30-day trial. After 30 days, there is a free version called Leadworx Lite. It still allows you to see who visits your website. However, you don’t see what web pages people view, don’t have CRM integration, and lack LinkedIn information tool. Plans for full access starts as low as $59 a month, and the price increases based on how many unique companies you want to keep as leads.

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    Check out their website and start your risk-free trial today!