NettyFeed, Media Publishing Platform, Delivering It’s Free Publishing Solutions For Startup’s and SME’s


    When we talk about startups, new business establishments, Silicon city of India – Bangalore popups in our mind as likely a place to make their entrepreneurial dreams true. Bangalore, after all city well known for startups and IT industry growth from past a decade.

    However, two city based young entrepreneurs Mudassir and Chandra Prakash started this platform NettyFeed with the aim of helping startup owners to publish their story, product information, insights and other news for free. If you are entry level or mid level entrepreneur, you can learn a lot from the articles from business and startup’s section of this platform.

    They both already ventured their company in another telecom segment Digimiles India Pvt. Ltd. This duo has already proved that creativity and entrepreneurship is not matter of anything but the passion and dedication towards your goal.

    Within just 6 months of time, its creation and growth is already miles ahead with content from important categories like Media & Entertainment, Startups & Business, News & Events, Digital Marketing, New products & Services and many more.

    In fact, NettyFeed – Media Publishing Platform is today world’s one of the largest publishing platform in terms of traffic numbers too.

    Amazing Kickstart

    The first idea was Digimiles, which is into Telecom solutions. It launched in the year 2017 as a small startup, now it is serving Indian corporate like Future Retail, Deccan Herald, IIT Kanpur, Uber etc. No doubt it went well in all ways with passion and commitment.

    With research and experience, both understood the number of audience out there in the online world is just amazing. But there was something missing between quality and quantity of content. Now, this generates the idea behind starting NettyFeed with an integrating platform with various categories of content.

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    Mudassir says, NettyFeed is new way platform for everyone who loves to share their life stories, product information, insights. Basically it’s free, anyone wishes to get their story publish on our platform, they are welcome to write

    NettyFeed is mostly dependent on social media platform to distribute it’s content and one of them is Facebook. It is biggest distribution channel since most of its influences got huge reader base. The content is curated by this duo on various topics and data generated from various sources.

    Viral content sites such as Upworthy, WittyFeed, Buzzfeed, Boredpanda are among those list which has got track records of huge traffic numbers to their sites.

    Going Large

    The duo has committed to increase their PR, DA with quality publishing of content on this platform. According to Chandra Prakash, Many business owners, entrepreneurs find it hard to get their online presence in their initial days of startup, and yet they try to find some solution for it. Most of the Digital marketing service providers find this tradition of marketing is most effective for any website owner to market his/her products.

    NettyFeed is aiming to be the world’s largest media publishing platform. It has trust in their passion and dedication to make things happen in a right way. Hoping for the best to every hard working team.

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