Making Search Go More Social Abhik Saha A Young 14 Year Old Boy, Changed The Face Of Search Algorithm With His New Search Engine Origgon


    Success is a most desirable thing for all of us. Every individual wishes it at some stage of life and accordingly they act. Success is a thing which can be achieved by anyone anytime.

    Can we imagine a child who is just 10 year old from a middle class family background can be engrossed with something to such an scope where he is not even conscious that he is failing in other things shoddily but as we said when fortune has set a direction for you your passion speedify to reach your destination soon.

    Let’s meet one such go-getter Abhik Saha, a 10 year old boy from Chalsa, West Bengal who was a ordinary middling student of Don Bosco Oodlabari, until 2011 when he got his hands on his first computer which has changed his existence completely.

    It is astonishing to know that a 10 year boy has started coding, designing websites and exploring enormously problematic practical projects with a intense interest in exploring new things on the web, fixing computers, gaining more knowledge over technology.

    He was in his own doing extremely glowing in computers but struggling for clearing other subjects because passion and speed to learn have made other world invisible to this small boy.
    His thirst for computers, knowledge , creating websites, algorithms, data structure etc have given this small boy a supremacy to create a venture which was named as Origgon.

    After crossing Xth class exam Origgon initial development was developed in c#, which went live under primary test beta on October 28, 2016. After Later Origgon a search engine had its early beta launch on August 15, 2017.

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    With the help of such unique features user will be saved from spam results which further can save their laptops, phones from spam content.

    The aim was to build a search engine that reduces spam and irrelevant content and also value good content from smaller website, so AI was not that much helpful then human ranking signals, and guess what we humans are already doing that, in our social network, sharing links and valuable content generating buzz, getting likes, and that was the idea and thought Origgon .It uses human generated signals to position sites.

    Origgon is a search engine where users can find relevant content and also add their opinion about the links . This also has an add on feature to check the number of likes and share count with the unique feature of saving user from unwanted search results.

    A beautiful concept to bring the wanted and important content to users and helping people to get the best available in the world of internet by eliminating unrelated content and saving systems from unwanted results. Abhik contribution in the name of Origgon is a magnificent gift to the world by introducing innocently well thought projection to bring relevant stuff to read and rely upon. It’s a big counter to the spam creators and unconnected material to search sites. The search engine also enhances your search experience by recommending the links your social network has liked or shared the most so that you get a better results from word of mouth.

    Later he raised funding from an angel investor who was really impressed by seeing Abhik’s dedication of making something big.

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    Now after so many problems he have one more member Harshit Jain who is working with Abhik to achieve his dream. He takes care of general management and all other marketing related stuff’s, so that Abhik can focus more on product innovation.
    There are two more members in team Taher Chittalwala and Ashish Jain who are working as Web Developer and Digital Marketing.

    Now Abhik is working more towards socialising search results and is also looking for another round of funding of 7 Million