Hottest Web Development Trends to Look Out In 2018


    Technologies, trends, in fact, everything related to the digital world is emerging at much faster pace. You need to get along with the pace or else you will nagging behind trying to pull the strings for being up-to-date. With improvisation and modernization rises the fear of competitive pressure. No matter to which industry you belong, the completive cloud is shrinking making it difficult to stay in the ring for longer.

    Similarly, in web development, none of the trends stays for longer. Things are changing quickly. What is in this year will definitely become outdated in the upcoming year. So follow the trends list summarized below for 2018 of web development and mark your position in the front row.


    JavaScript has spread its wonders and has been a heartthrob of many web developers. Due to proficiency and efficiency level, it has positioned itself in the trends list of 2018 as well. The framework and libraries of JavaScript are flexible, convenient and time-saving, though the battle between angular and react is way too hot. The two frameworks have many pros and cons but are preferred by a majority of web developers. In accordance with Google Trends, a huge population of developers will prefer to react over Angular in the coming year.

    JavaScript has been among the top trends for more than half a decade and it is believed to make progress in the future as well.

    Single Page Application

    SPA the acronym of Single Page Application continues to achieve fame in the trends list. It decreases web development time and is able to operate on a variety of devices. Due to its high performance and time-efficiency, it is the 2nd best trend. Developers of React and Angular framework prefer it as well.

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    Progressive Web Apps

    Google introduced progressive Web Apps – the abbreviation of PWA in the year 2015. An improvised version of an app, PWA provides a fast and efficient medium of establishing interaction with clients with the brands via browsers. Many great brands and companies have incorporated it into their branding campaign. PWA seems to create phenomenal outcomes while enhancing online presence as well.  It has turned into an excellent alternative to smartphone apps. Not sure how long the trend will last in the coming year, though at present its popularity is enjoying an upswing.


    No more brick and mortar stores now!

    E-commerce has enjoyed much lamplight in the past years as well, and now in the trends list, it has marked a prominent spot as well. The development of e-commerce store provides quick and prosperous future to brands along with opening up new avenues for growth and success. A platform like Shopify is among the top inspirations for developers having an engaging interface and easy-to-use features. The site provides an instant solution to all of its target audience along with managing an efficient manner of database full of unique quality products and services.

    Artificial Intelligence- Bots

    2018 is the year of advancements. Where Facebook bots gained fame in 2017, now Chat-box integrated with artificial intelligence is going to make its way towards improvisation.


    Block-chain- the method involving a collection of data storage has made its influence over the entire web industry. The information present on thousands of computers can be synchronized in a single PC through this technique. The information is verified and the tactics too, no bugs or flaws. The high level of protection Block-chain offers to bring it down in the list on top trends. It is observed that a huge percentage of multi-national banks are incorporating this technique to strengthen their system and streamline their process.

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    Internet of Thing (IoT)

    We are living in the era of global introduction of smartphones and devices. IOT is gradually taking over the world introducing many innovations in each user’s life. IOT has opened up many new avenues for brands and organizations increasing performance level in different departments.

    Motion UI

    Introduction of animation created much buzz in the web development industry due to its effectiveness and engaging aspects. The seamless user-experience you can create the higher your brand engagements can reach. Motion UI is among the trends of 2018 and is predicted to accelerate its significance in the future as well.

    To Wrap Up

    The technological world is getting bigger with every passing hour, like the developers across the world you too need to get fueled up by latest news and updates. The experts working at Web Development Company London are not only following the trends but implementing them for making unmatchable products.