May we help you maintain your “home” away from home


    Why did you start Property Management Company? What excites you about it

    Rahul had invested in a property in Pune, India. However, he had a terrible time managing it from the US. Rahul is not alone, like Rahul, there are 30 million NRIs living abroad

    What happens to all those who have the property back home? The long-distance deters them from keeping their ties with their roots. Why should a happy event like buying or owning a property in India really become a nail biting, teeth grinding occasion?  

    To start with, Propadis is born to give a good night sleep to NRIs, by managing their India Properties through a tech platform & a network of partners. The real exciting part is if we can create a financial proposition for these NRIs.

    Additionally, In future, our goal is to start helping India HNIs plus break the Inter-State Boundaries. Think of Someone staying in NCR with a property in Bangalore (Currently handled by an agent, or a family member or by nobody)

    To be the trusted pair of eyes, hands, and feet on the ground is our aim.

    Here is a testimonial from one of our current customer

    “I initially engaged Propadis to help me with Registration of my properties in India. I was quite skeptical as I didn’t know what to expect. Propadis team managed the full process of inspection and possession of the properties, where they visited the properties multiple times. They worked with the builders and lawyers to collected, prepare and review all the required documents ahead of time. All I had to do was show up for a couple of days where each property took a couple of hours at the registrar’s office to register. I am very pleased with Propadis service and have engaged them for an end to end process of renting out the properties.” Very Satisfied Customer Arvind M. from Germany

    How is your founding team uniquely qualified to address this user problem and build this company?

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    Founding team, understand this pain point well plus live in the USA, and have had personal experiences. Being close to our customers, US office, US customer support brings additional level of trust plus transparency, which is key in this asset management business

    What is the future vision

    Starting off, to address a real problem by 30 million+ NRIs living abroad. They are 8,000 miles away from India and have an emotional connect for their home away from home. The real exciting part is if we can create a financial proposition, which can improve emotional currency for them.

    Secondly, it is a huge opportunity, Out of 30M NRIs, even 5% of TAM (Total Addressable Market) can generate a scale of $1B. If HNIs in India & InterCity are included, the scale is easy $10B+.

    While exploring equity funding now, we expect to scale globally 3X year over year (YOY), about 100X in next 4 years post-funding. Our current traction of last 7 months: 30+ Paid customers (from North America, Europe, Asia), 70+ Transactions, 5 Key Cities Served in India, Ongoing collaboration discussions going in with big property portals in India

    What is your Business Strategy


    To deliver financial beneficial proposition by doing 3 key things:

    1) Increase the value of assets by upkeep & monitoring at a fixed yearly fee range of $200-$300

    2) Improve the rental/sale returns by getting the property staged, marketed, tenant verifications etc.

    3) Preferred prices from builders for investments


    Propadis’s on the ground presence in the US made it possible for us to launch our B2B proposition to India builders, whereby we are able to be an effective marketing partner for generating US leads, nurturing them and help builders in India scale their NRI business.

    Can you elaborate on your Product/Service

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    There is no doubt about how keen we are on investing in Technology, which in turn will help us scale faster, improves our execution capabilities. Tech platform roadmap (mobile app, predictive analytics, cloud storage, dashboard, automated service cycles, and builder leads portal)

    Technology platform is expected to help scale Customer Acquisition plus On Ground Service Expansion, Improves Yield for Property Owner, Improves Service Quotient and Lowers operational costs for us

    Last Few Words…

    Propadis aim to be your trusted pair of eyes, hands, and feet on the ground.  We understand the emotional connect you have with your homeland in India and want to be your partners in keeping that relationship intact.

    In today’s day & age of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud, we may not sound as exotic, however, we are proud to say, we are creating value, solving real problems, running a fundamentally strong business. We are firm on the ground, nothing artificial about us…

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