Are campaigns like #MeToo or #lahukalagaan still the need of the hour?


    The word “Feminism” is the talk of the town but a question that remains unanswered is ‘if feminism is a chiche` word or the need of the hour?’

    The word Feminist, first coined in 1837 uncovers the long and continuing strive of women and the society for equality of men and women over the globe. For ladies have been easy targets of the male chauvinistic society, their encounters of torment are petrifying. Be it from aggressive behavior at home and denying them of basic education, to sexual assault, ladies have battled about decades to be dealt with as humans.

    Indeed, even in the 21st century, there are still incidences of inequality, obvious shape the female education rate of 87% and male literacy rate of 94%, and 57% female to male work proportion, are two of the extremely basic amenities of any person. From our legacy of child marriages & Sati, movement to secure rights for women in India has come a long way. Yet instances of rape, female foeticide, dowry & unequal wages exist in the most modern parts of the country.

    With some recent campaigns like #MeToo, #BHL (Bigdi huyi ladki) and #lahukalagaan splurging the social media, women are coming forward & standing for their rights. Campaign #MeToo encouraged 12M+ posts to crop up on social media, also participated by some big celebrities to help spread the awareness & give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem about sexual assaults with women. With such huge engagement, there may be millions of women who are still afraid to speak up.


    “All women (and not most women) would be able to relate to such instances. A sad reality is that by the time a girl turns 14, she has encountered atleast one form of sexual abuse. We need our girls to speak up and not be silent anymore so that hundred years from now, a woman will not have to dry her tears in pain of losing her voice. We have to recognize that we can control a woman’s body, lock her in the house, cover her face with veil, but her mind cannot be caged”, says Richa Pasricha, co-founder of Upside Me, a platform for today’s women which helps them to raise voice for themselves.

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    Varun Gupta, CEO of Upside Me  said, “In order to make women speak, we need to make them realise of the problems they are facing & that they are not alone in this. For women in India are trained to keep their mouths shut and face every problem without revealing it to the outside world. Feminism is not only an action or a rebellion, it is also the mindset of people that need to be adopted. For voices that are left unheard, actions need to speak louder and hence we need more campaigns like #MeToo in order to break the shackles. For social media is the best platform for people to connect, talk and  execute things.”

    Empowering women in society is an ideology that everyone talks about but only few take up the actions to actually do so. Let’s be honest. Everybody chats on the web however nobody focuses. When a topic resonates with someone, digital media enables talk back. At the point when a theme impacts somebody, digital media enables talk back. Upside Me has envisioned itself as a platform that provides & encourages women to speak up, share their stories and be a part of  others’ stories, instead of talking down to them.

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