iSOS – Location-based Emergency Rescue App


    Despite the “infrastructure” developments in India to ensure women safety (the efficiency of which is certainly questionable), what remains an unresolved state of mind of thousands of people, men and women, is this question.

    As the crime rates were not going down, everyone needs a safety tool to protect themselves from the random attacks. Personal safety has become an issue of importance for everyone, especially for women.

    A good percentage of women in India have faced an assault at some point in time in their life or the other. There are lots of analysis as to what provokes these assaults and why it is never fully curbed.

    Instead of wasting time trying to theorise such assaults, wise women have now started taking measures to ensure their dignity is never compromised by using mobile apps, pepper sprays, self-defence methods etc. But as Indians are moving towards technology trends, mobile phones and mobile apps for safety has become one of the major segment for several companies who are offering safety apps for mobile phones which can be used at the time of emergency or threats.

    There is abundance of safety apps which are in the market to help women during an emergency!

    But all the apps require manual intervention. If Women had time to take out the phone from their bag, unlock it and then press a button/alarm, they might as well, call their friend and ask for help right?

    And most of the apps have Panic buttons/shaking etc to alert their family/friends, Which has caused more chaos than any good most times, by sending out an alarm by an error/fault.

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    Swift ePublishing came up with an innovative solution at the time emergency until rescue.

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    First time ever location-based emergency rescue system. This iSOS Android app will help you to connect your near and dear ones at the time of EMERGENCY App by pressing the secret button (five times POWER button).

    1) Add Six of your near and dears as emergency rescuers
    2) Press power button on your mobile to trigger the emergency
    3) An Emergency Alert will be sent to your Six rescuers
    4) App identifies the nearby rescuer and notified to him/her and other 5 rescuers
    5) Rescuers can track your/victim movements inbuild map
    6) once rescued, a notification will be sent to all rescuers

    Additional Features
    – Pre-loaded numbers to call for emergency services.
    – Pre-loaded area wise Ambulance service
    – Find nearby police station, hospitals etc by one click
    – Mobile Theft Alert with location to your alternate number/email
    – Share location with your dears while travelling.
    Invite code: ISOS5000 (chance to win a Smartphone for the first 5000 registrations)

    App Demo:

    App download link: