Did you know Electrical Blankets are dangerous and can cause house fires?


Winters are the best season when it comes to dressing up since you can wear anything and everything, however, when it’s the hour to call it a night, the cold bed sheets can give you the shivers. That is why most people opt for electric blankets for a good night’s comfortable sleep.

While the blankets have obvious advantages, the downside is that the same blankets can also cause fire outbreaks. Not only can you endanger your life but your precious belongings can be at stake. That is why it is best that you let the professionals conduct domestic electrical testing services so that your electronics are safe for daily use.

Do you want to know how electrical blankets can cause house fires? Want to know about the important do’s and don’ts? Read on and see!

How Electric Blankets Work

The basic way any electric blanket works is when a current passes through a resistive wire which allows the heat to be generated. All blankets have a lengthy resistive wire which provides the heating at the ideal temperature. However, this wire alone cannot do the trick, there is a lot of technical factors involved.

How to use an Electric Blanket?

Electric blankets can be used easily as long as you have electricity connection available. If you own one, simply plug in the cord and leave it on the bed for no more than 10 minutes. This will allow your bed to be warm when you decide to hit the snooze button.

Electric blankets give the best heating if they are used under/over another ordinary blanket. The setting mode allows you to set the temperature according to your need.

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Once you have used it, simply take out the plug, fold it and pack it safely.

Common Electric Blanket Dangers

Electric blankets can sometimes overheat and ignite the fabric around them, only to cause a fire outbreak. On the other hand, if the electrical conductor is broken, it can cause fire too.

However, fire outbreaks are not the only dangers you should be worried about.

Here are a few dangers electric blankets can have:

·        Burns

Most people prefer using electric blankets during a good night’s sleep and sometimes it can be worrisome as overheating of the blanket can cause burns and injuries to the user.

·        Miscarriages
One cause of miscarriage is using electric blankets during the early pregnancy (1st trimester). If you want to use it anyhow, use it to warm the bed and remove it as soon as you lie down.

·        Cancer
Since the electric blankets can produce an electromagnetic field, they pose a threat to your health in the shape of various cancers.

·        House Fires

Overheating or a conductor breakage can cause house fires.

Important Do’s and Don’ts

Just like everything needs safety measures, electric blankets do too.
Here are the most imperative ones.


·        Keep the blanket totally flat
Turned areas can trap heat and cause ignition.

·        Turn it off
Turn the blanket off as soon as you decide to go to sleep.

·        Get the Professionals on board
Electrical testing and tagging
of electric appliances and equipment are imperative on a routine basis.

·        Use it on your bed only
Use this blanket only on your bed under your supervision. Refrain from using it near water or on a waterbed.

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·        Allowing Pets near the blanket
Never allow your pets to sit on an electric blanket.

·        View the Label
Make sure your blanket is certified and has a warranty.


·        Never use an old blanket
If your blanket is old and has worn out, refrain from using it.