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Once a person decides to sell his property, the next big challenge that comes up is how to reach the right client? Handling clients can be quite a tedious job. And this is why many people choose realtors. Although hiring a realtor can a great help but it gives rise to an unnecessary expenditure- Brokerage. People have been paying their money as brokerages to these brokers without seeking even a pocket-size advice from them. Their only job is to solve the information unevenness in the market and just to provide information about the new properties coming in the area. The two question to solve one’s problem while choosing a trusted online realtors portal are- What? and Why?.


ZEROHOMZ is an online portal for buying/selling and renting properties that makes it easier to find your new home without any brokerage. It was started because of the belief that paying hefty brokerage cannot be the only option to find a new home. Tenants/landlords have been paying these brokerages year on year without seeing any advantage of the broker. ZEROHOMZ eradicates this “brokerage” problem and helps you to find your home with economic advantages. It helps to find tenants without any broker acting as a middleman. So just say- Bye! Bye! Brokers!!


Our services make us different from others!


It doesn’t charge anything for data search on their web portal and ensures that maximum property information is available to their client.


ZEROHOMZ, being the first C2C real estate portal, takes every possible step to defend the client from unwanted calls and brokerage.

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It offers free and easy property posting to the clients. The marketing team helps the clients at every level of posting.


Rent Agreement between the client and the tenant is taken forward smoothly by ZEROHOMZ.


It helps their clients to search a dream home with complete detail at the search portal.

The most basic and effective advantage of connecting with ZEROHOMZ is that it helps you to get rid of the brokers who just help you solve the information unevenness in the market and just to provide information about the new properties coming in the area. This platform solves the information imbalance and provides a platform for the free exchange of this information.

Using trusted providers like ZEROHOMZ itself is easier, quicker and economical. Each of its service is customer friendly because ZEROHOMZ believes in making a user friendly and transparent environment. It helps to select an option that will suits the best! Filtering and shortlisting the properties according to the budget and other preferences on the website portal is very easy. Even posting about a property on the website portal is quite an easy thing and the customer service manager is there for guidance. Once the posting is done, finding tenants is not a big thing.

ZEROHOMZ believes in one mantra- “Home @ 0% Brokerage” because Home is not just a place it’s a feeling!

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