“You work from home!” “You are a Blogger, Wow” ” Oh, blogging is so easy” “You are so lucky and easy-money-minting guy; dude so lucky to be a blogger”

All above comments, ask a blogger, will surely invite a sharp negative reaction. Blogging is way harder than what people perceive. And it is not just about reading handy tips on How to Create A Blog.

It is also about steering-off the following major mistakes, bloggers usually make.

Mistake 1: Stiff Content Writing

Bloggers generally tend to spill their knowledge and that of Google on their blogs, forgetting people are here not to read a search engine or a research-journal.

Solution: Write like you talk. Loosen up your writing. Throw in contractions with balanced emotion. Keep your tone personal, approachable and engaging….the way a face-to-face conversation looks like. In short, serve what target audience enjoys to read, effortlessly.

You can use few content writing tools which help you in writing content without any mistake.

Mistake 2: Belief that “People Care I Am A Writer”

When people begin to blog, they think just because they have done well with their pen in the past, so their Facebook or Twitter or other social media friends or even family will read them as inherent followers. Harsh fact is that NO ONE CARES that your are a writer since the world is full of writers.

Solution: People care about: what you can teach.Thus, reflect that in your words, don’t tell them who you are. Pen engaging topics, get their quotes on it. This way you get an indirect readership through their friend circle who will read their views through your article.

Mistake 3: I can Single-Handedly be a MACRO-BLOGGER

When people start blogging, they generally want to write on either each and everything or broad topics like

“How to Make Money on the Internet” “How to Explore India” Remember, you are not only new to the blogging world but naive to competition. Inviting too much on your patter will only end-up with you vomiting words on paper. And people stay off vomits!

Solution: Create very specific working titles. Say for example ” I Am A Woman, I Travel Solo” This kind of blogging is called niche-blogging. Cater to classes, if you don’t have a team as a blogger.

Mistake 4: Zero or Less Data as Evidence

A micro-niche blogger once wrote about ‘A solo Trip for Women to Ladakh’. It had no data like the temperature-climatic range there; no list of few women-safe hotels; no details on how to book a trip to the place beforehand by women. Only happy memories of the trip were shared. Will a woman go back to this website?

Solution: Arguments, research and claims are much more compelling when rooted in data and research. And such a site will invite consistent traffic, once trust is built.

Mistake 5: Plagiarised Content

Free online softwares catch every word/phrase copied from elsewhere. Plagiarism doesn’t work in blogging world at all. And if your blog is linked to Google Adsense, it will block you.

Solution: No harm, give courtesy to others’ related work. Helps build credibly plus also attracts indirect audience.

Mistake 6: Inconsistent Blogging

A Lazy blogger is a looser blogger. Inconsistency confuses your subscribers and make them divert to other bloggers.

Solution: Strategise an editorial calendar. If you don’t have time to publish daily/weekly….then start with a blog only once you have enough stories in a blog.

Mistake 7: Biased by immediate-traffic analytics

If you concentrate your analysis on immediate traffic that is traffic that comes from email subscribers, social media shares, newsfeeds, etc…ten you will end up demotivating yourself. These parameters take time to generate desired results.

Solution: Asses organic traffic’s cumulative potential. And to ensure you drive this long-term traffic, you have to blog on non-dated, micro-niche topics and keep sharing these on social media time and again, with good gap. These posts are called “evergreen” blog posts and are relevant year after year.

What more? Once again revise the above points. All the best for a new beginning!

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