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    16-Jan-2018 Hyderabad, India: Last week of November, in Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, Hyderabad was referred as innovation hub of India by Ivanka Trump. Techies in Hyderabad didn’t leave a single chance to prove her right. As a new year bonanza, Hyderabad has something to offer to the business world – an integrated business app for all kind of traders across the globe.

    1st week of January 2018, this Hyderabad based company, EffiaSoft has launched an upgraded version of it’s homegrown POS app Just Billing. The third quarter of 2017 onward, Just Billing became famous as a GST billing software in retail, restaurant and service segment who run the business from stores. The latest Ignite version (Just Billing 4.0) will enable traders to take online orders as well, to run e-commerce alongside their outlets or warehouse.

    Economy evolves around consumer goods and services. In today’s date, consumerism is app based. People enjoy restaurant food in the comfort of their own couch. Supermarkets are less of a Sunday destination when groceries get delivered to the pincode given. In the era of smart-phone, business has to be mobile with trends. Just Billing Ignite just has the right answer to this crisis.

    The founder of EffiaSoft, Koushik Shee is holding a vision of transforming business on the digital platform, making it more easily accessible and operational. He realized, with time, a substantial number of consumers will become more aware and comfortable with online purchases. Traders will be at loss, if they do not give an e-buy option to the customers. On the other hand, Just Billing will integrate all form of business like store-operated, online, home-delivery and warehouse management for the merchants who are buoyant. It will definitely reduce operational challenges, knocking the door of opportunities.

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    Recent GST implementation in India has made a clear point to generate invoices with GSTIN number where every single transaction, tax breakup needs to be captured. Having 74% literacy rate with a strong constitution towards consumer rights, taxed invoice generation (Pakka Bill) is a must for all Indian traders. Many franchises welcomed Just Billing as their GST Billing POS solution. In this software, bill generation can be in a printed form, or if the trader prefers eco-friendly option, SMS or email invoice will be right alternatives. Besides digital billing, accepting digital payments from customers is another contribution of Just Billing towards #DigitalIndia.

    Just Billing is not only limited to GST billing and order taking. This mighty POS has more to offer like inventory management, accounting, customer loyalty and cloud computing. Business, that has been expanded across different locations can be connected and monitored through cloud back office portal. Warehouse, product transfer, purchase requisition everything is recorded systematically. Keeping the regional challenges in mind, Just Billing is designed in such a way where it can work with no internet as well. This offline feature will definitely be helpful for the merchants in a distant land. For the budding traders with single outlet business, Just Billing Lite version will help them with basic business requirements like billing and product stock management.

    The majority are moving towards mobile billing solution, however, few still prefer to use desktop or laptop. People who are comfortable using computer over android smartphone or tablet, Just Billing offers windows POS for them too.

    Here’s how you can check this app for your business without flipping a single coin :

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    1. Download Just Billing POS –

    a. Download Just Billing Android POS from google play store on your android device https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cloud.effiasoft.justbillingstd&hl=en


    b. Download Just Billing Windows point of sale from website


    2. Install the software

    a. How to install on Android – https://youtu.be/WWns98034NU

    b. How to install on Windows – https://youtu.be/Qhi6h10P4DQ

    3. Register your business for 15 days free trial without adding any credit card details

    4. The automated business template will be helpful to get started with.

    Download the software and send your feedback to [email protected]

    You can also see Just Billing in action at https://effiasoft.com/just-billing-live-demo-video/

    For any concern or query, team JustBilling is just a call away.



    +91 40 4040 4030