VPS TecHub is a start-up that has developed an Aadhaar card based hospital management system. We aim towards developing simple, efficient and user-friendly technologies. We at VPS TecHUB believes in optimizing on existing available resources to create systems for efficient use in industries.


    VPS Hospital Management System (HMS) is a unique product. It aims at digitizing the medical industry in India. At the crux of this HMS, is the use of the Aadhaar Card, which is a unique identification number issued to every citizen of India by the government. Our hospital management system makes use of the QR code present on the Aadhaar card to extract information like name, gender, age, etc. of a patient.

    Patient registration is a cumbersome and time-consuming process, especially when done manually. With the use of our Aadhaar card based hospital management system, patient registration will be faster. It will only take about 20 seconds per patient. Once a patient is registered, the hospital management system will retrieve his or her medical records from its database. The HMS will also update the database upon the conclusion of the patient’s check-up. This will help in the systematic handling of medical data. Along with this, our hospital management system is equipped with modules for billing, maintaining statistics of a hospital, etc.


    “Waiting time”, “standing in queues” are few of those everyday phrases we Indians use. They also mark the most frustrating times spent in the day by us. It may be a ticket line, public transport, or ATM. Let us at least curb this “wait” in hospitals and clinics. VPS hospital management system ensures the lowering of waiting time in hospitals. Our HMS will enhance the quality of healthcare. The use of Aadhaar card will also create a centralized health care system in our country. Integrating other medical entities like pharmacies, diagnostic labs, etc. under our Aadhaar card based HMS, we can digitize medicine in India.

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