Ensure your Security from your Finger


    The world is a pool of innovations and minds which creates either constructive or destructive technical tools for the society. Nothing is more creative or destructive than a human mind – gives birth to either a technology which saves humanity or shapes technology which hurts humanity. Xenxo S-Ring stepped into the market where the need of security meets innovation of technology into a form of a smart wearable; a compact, stylish ring. Not limited here, it carries and performs various functions like calling, alarms, reminders, music, storing files, payments and rest you would love to explore it with your finger.

    Xenxo, a few years back, after the gang rape in Delhi incident, experienced a feeling of loss and helpless mindset of an engineer who probably could not save a life. The agony in the engineer soul of Xenxo team decided to create a device, which is capable to take security of females and others to a next level. The device had to be very compact and robust, so the attacker could not identify it and the victim can use it under any circumstance easily.  Does it sound easy? No. it was not easy because it was just a thought. Before the thought could lose its grip, the newspaper was busy in spreading grief of similar incidents like rape in IT Park, Chennai, the murder of a girl in a railway station, increasing child girl rapes in India etc., and the pain of victim families was unimaginable.

    “Xenxo S- Ring redefined technology for integrating security and daily needs into a smart wearable”.

    Sleeplessness night of Xenxo team wanted to contribute and enhance value in the society especially for females by using their engineering creativity, using their passion for technology and engraved dedication and knowledge. After four years of extensive research, hundreds of designs, rigorous testing, number of collaborations, they are ready to launch Xenxo S-Ring.

    “Xenxo S Ring is a bridge between security and technology inform a smart wearable”

    Users often think of a smart wearable which is focused to perform a very few functions, may be already existing in the market. Xenxo S- Ring also a result of a combination of multiple features useful in daily activities for a user. Assume if the product has to function only security feature may not be tempting to the generation which deserves to be safe and secure by all means.

    The creativity of Xenxo designers cracked feel of bringing smart wearable and idea of bringing features of many other devices like Bluetooth Headset, Flash Drive, fitness tracker, Access Card, wallet, Home keys into one small ring, which you can wear in your finger.

    Indeed, a revolutionary idea and a product, never seen or felt before. A ring will make you connected to helpline numbers in any critical situations and very easily you would be able to make calls through Xenxo S-Ring smart wearable. In real time scenario, if a victim needs a help, it is rarest that they can connect to their phone or they would be allowed to access it. Keeping this real-time scenario in mind, the technical team made it beyond easier, for a victim to get connected to helpline numbers and parents or friends for their help.

    Xenxo Ring is ready to capture the market of consumers who would prefer to have more than 12 functions of six accessories into a single device along with taking care of your security needs.

    Xenxo S- Ring left no stone unturned for creating a product, which is smart wearable, adds value to society, perform functionalities of day to day life; Bluetooth Call, alarms, payments, storing important files, gesture control, personal phone assistant, SOS, speak out time, fitness tracker into one small ring. It is definitely will be amiss in your lifestyle upgrades if you are not planning to check in into your own Xenxo S-Ring.

    The backers who are signing up using this link will be getting special offer link, 2 hours before the launch through an email from the Xenxo Team, only using that link backers can purchase their Xenxo S-Ring, at a very special price. And only first 300 backers who purchase during the launch can be able to use it.

    Join Xenxo campaign and get exclusive introductory offers at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/xenxo-s-ring-the-world-s-smartest-smart-wearable/coming_soon  for generating a smarter and safer future. To know and get more details, kindly reach us at https://www.xenxo.pro/

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