How many PowerPoint presentations are given each day – worldwide?


    All of us have seen PowerPoint presentations that mainly comprise of a lot of slides, boring designs, a monotone look coupled with a monotone voice. Despite all these, organizations, irrespective of their size, have been using PowerPoint presentations for more than 20 years. Unfortunately, most of the times, people who develop these presentations have zero to little training with PowerPoint and design concepts. As a result, the final products fail to do any good to the organizations as well as to the clients. A substantial amount of money and time are being wasted every day to create business and other official presentations. Let’s have a look at some key PowerPoint statistics.

    • Approximately 35 million presentations are given every day
    • More than 500 million people use PowerPoint
    • An average presentation lasts for approximately 20 minutes
    • According to Microsoft, more than $250 million is being wasted every day due to bad PowerPoint presentations throughout the world

    This whooping amount includes employee wages, time to create the presentations and time devoted for ineffective meetings. This wastage of money can be avoided by hiring professional PowerPoint presentation designers. Let’s dig a little deeper.

    Why you should hire a presentation design agency?

    PowerPoint presentations have become ubiquitous in today’s business realm. It’s most likely that you too have prepared a lot of them yourself. So, if you’ve an upcoming presentation, chances are you’re going to tackle that yourself. Unfortunately, that isn’t the best way to move forward unless you are trained in handling the job like a pro. The significance of a well-designed presentation can’t be understated. Today, companies are increasingly engaging professional presentation designers to develop eye-catching presentations that not only provide more impact and impress the audience but greatly help to increase conversion rates as well compared to their unorganized, dull counterparts. Hiring a professional PowerPoint presentation design agency would bring several advantages your way. Let’s look at the key ones:

    • Better impression: Unquestionably, a well-designed presentation can create a better impression on your audience. If you’re going to present in front of potential clients or investors, it becomes immensely crucial for the presentation to be highly impressive. A well-crafted presentation is worth the money you spent in creating one. If you’ve to shell out top dollars to hire a professional designer, you should go for it for the sake of your business.
    • Save time: Professional designers can create beautiful slide decks faster and efficiently than amateurs. If you’re rushed for time and need high-quality presentation deck created quickly, an adept professional designer is your best bet.
    • Great presentations are time-intensive: If you’ve prepared a lot of presentations on your own, you should still hire a professional designer to craft your presentations. If you’re planning to make your presentation a class apart, you’ll have to spend hours, days or even weeks in crafting, editing and tweaking the slides. There’re countless design elements, which needs to be thoughtfully harmonized to develop an effective presentation. With a professional designer by your side, you can save this significant amount of time and invest it in something else that you do best (such as focusing on your core business aspects or the like).
    • More engaging: Generally, majority of the presentations tend to be tedious with simple texts and average image effects. But when you engage a professional designer to craft the presentation, s/he can transform your ideas into an attractive storytelling concept with good animation and other engaging audiovisual effects. This would significantly improve your audience engagement, which in turn would make them curious to know more about your business, or concept, or offerings and eventually, either buy from you or do business with you. Thus, a professional presentation can greatly contribute towards adding up to your bottom-line.
    • Increased confidence: When your PowerPoint presentation is designed by an adept designer, you can be rest assured of the fact that it’ll look great and resonate well with the viewers. Professional presentation designers know how to craft your presentation in proper format and ratio so that you can wow the viewers. Simple and dull presentations not only turn off the viewers but lower your confidence too as a presenter, while a well-designed presentation keeps the viewers engaged and helps you to present it with greater confidence.
    • Meet your goals: Every presentation comes with an objective – whether it’s to attract new clients, exhibit the worth of your ideas, or secure funding – you’ve a mission to accomplish. Great designs help you to communicate your ideas effectively and clearly, thus letting you attain the desired goals with ease.
    • Great presentations aren’t everyone’s cup of tea: Creativity can’t be mastered overnight. There’s a science behind great designs that you need to clearly understand for being capable of crafting presentation that can leave a tremendous impact on your audience. Professional presentation designers spend countless hours in studying that science, which makes their final products stand out of the pack and that’s one of the biggest reasons why their services are so crucial.
    • Reduce stress: Assuming you’ve a crucial conference to attend, the final arrangements need to be taken care of while accomplishing your regular work. Why submit yourself to this unnecessary stress when you can hire a professional designer to do the unsavory task of preparing a great presentation? in case chores like putting together the presentation decks are only an occasional part of your profile, it makes more sense to trust the expertise of professional designer’s adept in working with PowerPoint. So, let a professional deal with the designing work of your deck while you can prepare for the big event.
    • Explore the power of visuals: We all have heard of the old adage that says, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Visuals are extremely crucial for our understanding. Think of understanding something by seeing things in action compared to someone trying to explain those to you. Thoughtful use of powerful visuals helps you to communicate more effective concepts without overelaborating the presentation. Professional presentation designers know how to make the visuals chime well with your presentation’s content and thus establish your story beautifully and effectively.
    • Save money: It may look counter-intuitive that engaging a professional presentation designer could save you money, but an adept designer will be able to craft eye-catching slide deck efficiently. They thoroughly understand the quirks of PowerPoint as well as the ins and outs of designs. So, why spend valuable hours trying to figure out the knowhow of PowerPoint when you can spend it for something else you’re best at? Maximizing your time is equivalent to maximizing your budget.
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    Things you need to make sure before hiring a presentation designer

    There’re a significant number of professional presentation designers vying for your attention. However, you need to ensure the following things to make the most of your investment when hiring such a professional for crafting your presentations:

    • Your chosen professional should have an exceptional track record of crafting extraordinary presentations for various clients. If you find a lack of credibility, it’s better to move on to the next one.
    • Your short-listed candidates should quote competitive and yet, reasonable charges. However, if your preferred designer charges more than the average market rate for similar work but boasts of an incredibly good portfolio, you should engage him/her even if you’ve to shell out a few extra dollars.
    • Your short-listed professionals should have a robust pool of satisfied clients. If you can talk to any of these clients directly and enquire about the quality of the designer’s services and communication, you should do that without a second thought.
    • The presentation agency or the presentation designer should clearly understand your business goals. As we’ve discussed earlier, every presentation has an objective and the selected agency/designer can help you in attaining it only when they understand the objective behind such a presentation without any ambiguity.

    Wrapping it up

    In a nutshell, great PowerPoint presentations require lots of design work to make them literally effective. Hence, it’s advisable to delegate the design work to an adept professional presentation designer while you concentrate on the content, the speech and practice. Hiring a professional designer not only helps you to save money and time but also ensures that the presentation accomplishes your business goals while keeping your audience engaged, thus creating a profound impact on them.

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