The Only product you need to protect you and you’re loved once from 400 types of mosquitos and all type of mosquito-borne disease.


    Oioils all natural 3 in 1 mosquito repellent Body, Fabric & Air.

    Do you know mosquitos kill’s more human worldwide than any other animal? Yes, its true, Mosquitos are the silent killer, globally every year the numbers of death increase in Lakhs, about 40% of the world’s population is at risk of being infected with dengue. All age groups are at risk and if you are in India then you have more reasons to worry about as South Asia is the new hub for all kind of mosquito. Good news is now you can relax because Oioils, a Bengaluru based essential oils startup has come up with a unique, effective and affordable solution to keep you and your loved one safe from all type of mosquito-borne diseases at Rs 1.5, Yes you read it right, at Rs 1.5 per day, you can fight the bite and save yours selfs from the deadly mosquito-borne disease.

    If you think mosquitos are the only issues you need to be worried about? then you would be thinking wrong, think again, its the product ( mosquito repellent/killer) you should be worried about. If there anything which is a bigger issue then mosquito, then its the product you use. Most of the product available today in the market contain cancer-causing chemicals and you don’t have to do intense research on this, just look at the labels on the packaging you will see labels like “poison” “caution” but most of the people neglect it, just like the software terms and condition we always accept without reading it. Now you don’t need to look at any labels, introducing Oioils, All natural mosquito repellent, 100% Essential Oils and ZERO chemicals. India’s 1st and only 3 in 1 mosquito repellent Skin, Fabric, and Air spray made out of Citronella oil, Clove oil, Carrot seed oil, lemongrass oil, Neem oil and Tulsi oil. Oioils is also

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    100% VEGAN

    Oioils have solved the issues faced by 1000’s of people every day but the motivation to solve this issue has a quite some story behind it, so lets hear from the founder of Oioils, Vijay Gopalakrishna, ” As a child, I suffered from pneumonia & bronchitis until the age of 14 years old, as a matter of fact, I have passed my 1st and 2nd standard purely based on Medical certificate, only at the age of 22 I understood that, the main reason why I had such horrible health issues and that too in mainly summer was due to the mosquito coil which was used extensively at our house as it was cost-effective and easily available. That was the day I thought that there has to be a better product in market which does not contain chemicals and that was the problem I had to solve, finally I can proudly say, that me and my team has not only solved the problem, we have found out a better solution at an affordable price, which is accessible to a lower middle-class family like mine.”

    Oioils is a bootstrap company formed by three partners Mr.Sanjeev Patel(Finance & Strategy), Mr.Vijay Gopalakrishna (Marketing) & Mr.Abhinav (Manufacturing), after extensive research over 3 years and experts advise from CIMAP (Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants), Oioils presents, a single product which can be used as Body, Fabric & Air spray. Now you don’t need different products for the different zone, for example, you don’t need two different product like a room spray and a body spray for your different requirement. All you need a single product for all the mosquito repellent requirement. All natural mosquito repellent spray is one of the products we are working on, in near future we will be launching much more all-natural mosquito repellent to fit all the household needs, for updates keep please like and share our facebook page

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