Pentation Analytics and NPCI – Most Admired Big Data Project, 2018


    Considered as a reliable Big Data partner, Pentation Analytics has been associated with a nodal agency for payments, which is the umbrella organization for all retail payments in India. The project won recognition in form of the prestigious Big Data and Analytics Award under “Most Admired Big Data Project” at The Customer Fest Show 2018, organized by Kamikaze B2B Media on February 1, 2018.

    Trend-setting together

    Pentation Analytics built a high-end Big Data enabled environment for the largest digital Payments company in India. This Data Environment houses historical and on-going data from all payment platforms pertaining to the company and serves as the source for regular reporting needs. Analytics use-cases involve enabling the systems for advance Fraud Risk Management and Anti-Money Laundering, as well as processing government incentive and cashback schemes for their new digital payments platforms.

    The adoption of Big Data Technology in the organization was introduced by Pentation Analytics. This initiated through integration of databases, creation of data lakes and data marts, implementation of Big Data stack and architecture.
    All of this was implemented under a year via an open-source software. What started out as a proof-of-concept for Big Data converted into a production setup within 3 months of operations. Advanced analytical capabilities were demonstrated and built for over 20 billion records, effectively creating the Big Data ecosystem.

    Apart from winning the Big Data and Analytics Award under “Most Admired Big Data Project” at The Customer Fest Show 2018, another factor attributing to the project’s success is the minimized cost of ownership for the company and business continuity assurance in situations of natural hazards. Further, the availability of a single platform for multiple use-cases for advanced analytics (Reporting & Advanced Analytics, Government Schemes, Fraud Risk Management) is a remarkable value addition.

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    Big Data Platform Implementation

    Pentation Analytics helps organizations create an Analytics Ready Data environment. This helps in creating a single, unified data management framework that brings appropriate data together for reporting & analysis. Such streamlining of data provides a unified view across various segments.

    Pentation Analytics enables organizations to:

    • Gain deep insights to take timely action
    • Manage huge volumes of data, with multiple deployment options
    • Automation of data pull, aggregation for reporting and increase in productivity

    The company’s drive for innovation in analytics has led to its association with some of the best players in the BFSI space. Pentation Analytics’ one of its kind applications are developed by leveraging years of domain experience of its founders and data sciences.