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    There are many who still doubt that women can’t be a successful entrepreneur. This story of three friends who is dominating internship hiring and students skill enhancement services. Vaijeshwari completed M.tech in computer science from Nagpur city. She always finds a difficulty to connect students with industry for training and internship.

    Different engineering and professional colleges in country are focusing on only admission and placement, very few colleges has given importance to skill based training. Internship is a slightly neglected area.to placed in good company students must know some technical skills. Universities or college curriculum are not allowing them to explore the recent trends in technology, skills required in industry, as syllabus is already framed. As we know that employ-ability problem is bigger in engineering sector because of the gaps in our education system, NationGuru portal trying to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

    To address the gap, and improve the employ-ability vaijeshwari always have a product inspiration & product design but implementation and scaling of business is not an easy task for women. She grouped with her longtime friend surekha and vaishali. She started NationGuru India’s emerging internship hiring platform. NationGuru started in 2016, offering freelancing services and today it operates as an internship portal; it offers great user experience and support. NationGuru is a brand of India’s leading internet company syncwell infotech private limited based in Nagpur

    Nationguru.com is the beautifully design product, keeping the requirement of students in mind. As students are graduated from various colleges and university but they don’t have necessary job skill to survive in corporate world, in that case unemploybilty and low wages situation faced by students. NationGuru is trying to bridge the gap between students and industry.

    Vaijeshwari narrate her goal that “Every students in India have a choice based internship” she said, finding internship in top companies always a dream for students, but gap is too wide between students and corporate. Even it is not possible for students to go different cities and attend the interview process. She innovates something simple, which changes the life of millions of students. Her team just focused on facilitation of student at large. Have a dream of end user satisfaction and making students employable.at the same time it solve the of problem of HR hiring. They help various startup companies by providing interns with different qualities and abilities.

    Today NationGuru is the familiar word in colleges and many of startup companies. Today many students of Engineering/Architecture MBA/Fine art/CA are registered for internship on NationGuru platform.  Have strong database of students, more than 45 thousand active user sessions per month. It is approaching towards a top chart.

    Vaijeshwari told, we approached various engineering and MBA colleges in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh for student’s registration. Convey the idea to training and placement officers.  Contacted more than 1000 core companies to post internship jobs on NationGuru. The next target is to scale up to ten states and more than 3000 small and medium size companies in coming three months.

    More than 1000 students are shortlisted through this platform and many in pipeline for hiring.

    Talking about future plans, the team NationGuru replies with the need of skill based training and making students more employable.onther supplementary product of NationGuru is in pipeline to enhance the skill of students, help them to shortlist in various companies.

    Follow the unit economics and generate the revenue is topmost priority for us, vaijeshwari added. All students’ registration and job posting are free today. Company manages through bootstrap funds. Currently eight employee’s onboard. We want to provide good services to students and industry and earn revune though services offered to students.

    About Founders

    NationGuru is founded by Vaijeshwari Waghmare, Surekha Motghare and Vaishali Patil.

    A passionate and Innovative Vaijeshwari always had a gut feeling for entrepreneurship from a very long time. Her passion to innovate something simple which changes the life of millions resulted into Nationguru. One fine day she made up a plan with her longtime friends with have similar sprit of entrepreneurship. She is unflappable and calm has providing a right mixture of “Josh & Hosh”to the company. Her ability to look a problem in different perspective always hits the deck. Perfection is the hallmark of vaijeshwari. Think faster, focus better. She is the person who has aspiration of moonshot. She handles the company’s overall management and day to day activity. She looks the business development and sales at NationGuru.

    Surekha being an IT background an always has a sense of purpose. Guide NationGuru through the long hard slog of entrepreneurship. She always falls in love with the problem and focus on the simple solutions, which can bring the change in day to day life of normal person. Her analytical skills were very handy from the day one. She is charismatic coder, tech spark, database gladiator. No doubt, she is the chief Technology officer at NationGuru.

    Vaishali working with an ideology Learning is a continuous process. You have to be on the driver’s seat and never lose focus. As committed to work, attacking problem very cleverly. The work has become very easier because of her never say Die Attitude. Her immense understanding about a product is mind-blowing. She knows every miniscule detail of the product. She sees the overall product development and operation.

    Company Recognized By Government t of India under startup India initiative.

    Mission: To make availability of opportunities and resources to our user, to unleash the full potential.

    Vision: To create an ecosystem of technology driven growth and inspire every individual to achieve it.

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