Walk Your Way to Fitness & Healthy Life Style

    Dr Sheela Seharawat

    Learn more about how to achieve effective weight loss and live a life that’s healthy and enjoyable through dieting and exercise. Diet Clinic provides invaluable means to its clients allowing them learn and follow ways to control the amount of fat in the body by making the right food choice through numerous healthy options available. Expert and acclaimed dietitian Sheela Seharawat with her team of well trained and experienced nutritionists, dietitians and health advisors at Diet Clinic has been advising people during their consultations on the numerous importance of having a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

    Sheela is a fully qualified dietitian. She has been successfully running and managing about 35 Diet Clinic’s at various dots on the map of India and has been appreciated with various awards and recognition for her notable contributions in the field of diet and nutrition. Her nudge for perfection and client satisfaction has rewarded Diet Clinic for being what it is regarded as today.


    One of the most important factor when someone approaches a diet center for weight loss or say for better health prospects, is support. As more and more people are getting involved with fitness, and with multiple options to choose from, it is quite revolutionary to see the way how life and lifestyle changes with healthy living. With constant support and motivation from the team at Diet Clinic, one can be sure of approaching the right place and achieve individual health goals.


    Why is it so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

    For all of us, a healthy lifestyle is a combination of three elements – balanced intake of energy, required variations in foods and meals and getting involved in adequate physical activity in order to prevent excessive weight gain. In simple words a healthy diet comprises of having ample fruits and veggies, a balanced intake of proteins, carbohydrates and fats and avoiding to have high salt, saturated and trans fats and refined carbs.

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    Living a healthy live for some might mean to be disease free life whereas, for some it might be for looking attractive and good. Whatever may be the reason, it is a fundamental component in order to achieve optimal physical and mental well-being. Allowing the body to rest each day by getting a proper nutrition is the key to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It contributes to disease protection, increased longevity and profound mental health.


    What makes Diet Clinic unique?

    At Diet Clinic we consider your story as ours. The team of experts helps analyzing individual needs, as it is important to understand that no two individuals are alike. Everyone has different need and suits different programs. The health experts provides everyone with personal guidance and assistance, understanding your body and needs. Constant motivation and encouragement helps in gradual progress towards the goals.

    Transparency in our dealings and maintaining confidentiality guarantees your success and we consider your successes our reward. Under the mentor-ship of dietitian Sheela, Diet Clinic’s philosophy is as simple as helping people to see them transform their life for better. Diet for many is as challenging as one could think of, but with Diet Clinic’s easy eating plans and flexibility makes people start believing that healthy diet and lifestyle is not a challenge, but a way of life – a way which enthralls all to better and healthier living.


    Developments @ Diet Clinic

    Proving a range of health advisory services like Diet Consultations, Weight Loss and Weight Gain Programme and Therapeutic Diets are a few of the many services that Diet Clinic has been providing to its esteemed clients. In the recent development on human health and its various aspects, one diet that picking rage is the DNA Diet.

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    DNA Diet in simple words is a diet programme based on one’s genes. Studies have revealed that human genes react differently to various foods, meaning certain food that might be good and healthy for one may not be the same for other. Determining how genes react to foods and accordingly prescribing diet programs is what DNA Diet is all about.


    Another aspiring project that Sheela Seharawat has been working across, is her aspirations of spreading the word of wellness and healthy living across the globe. She is very keen and believes that one way that we could make this world a better place to live is by living healthy and fit.