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    We live in a world full of content. Every brand on this planet of ours relies on their research data and creates engaging content according to that data. But, why do we see only some of these brands highlighted in the brightest of shades? What do they do which is so different that their name has become synonymous with the products or services they are selling? How do you make sure that you reach that height?

    This research data which lets them decide what content to create for their audience is the key to their success and the best platform to collect that data is social media. Who would’ve thought social media would become such a big part of our lives and, right? It has evolved so much in the past decade that it has all the information that is needed to form the marketing strategies. The only barrier is the collection and compilation of that data because of its vast and real-time nature.

    Inclick, a Delhi-based SaaS startup has made that job a delight by using social listening and data tracking tools. These tools work in astounding ways to help brands understand their audiences and competitors over the four major social media networks- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube by involving consumer sentiments, trending topics, buzzworthy conversations, competition analysis, and more.

    All of these tasks are handled by data analytics and real-time AI, which is then presented in clean and actionable reports to the clients that can help in policy and strategy formulation. Some non-English conversations are also tracked with the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms. It is the first and foremost duty of Inclick to work ethically by ensuring that all the data they collect comes only from public sources.

    Products and Solutions:

    Social Media solutions including Competitive Analytics, Consumer Insights, Platform Analysis, and Automation are a part of the package provided by Inclick. There are two main tools/products that achieve these tasks in unison- Inclick Track and Inclick Listen. They use AI and Big Data to collect and process the raw information about your audience, consumers, and competitors, and present that in a visually rich manner which is easy to understand and work on. Inclick’s core activities revolve around Enterprise-grade automation that can eventually make your team more efficient.

    Inclick Track:

    Wondering where to find the missing pieces to the puzzle of your marketing strategy? Inclick Track is the answer to all such questions because it has the ability to provide a detailed analysis of your strategies and your competitor’s strategies to show where the missing pieces are and where to fit them. It covers all the major social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Brands can track the public publically available data of any brand, be it the competitor or any brand that they need to track. The AI and the algorithms are so powerful that they make it the only tool in the world that can provide an emotion-based report from a brand’s post by segregating them into 4 major emotional brackets, Joy, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. The cost of this service is almost 5 times less than any close competitor because Inclick Track uses the data in a smart way leaving only so much for the man to do.

    Inclick Listen:

    Inclick Listen can help in creating engaging content as it is an enterprise-grade tool that has the ability to track the reactions of any brand’s consumers and other audience over social media. It can prove to be an aid in providing useful insight points such as Location, Language, Influencers, Work Background of consumers, brand/political affinity of users, and a lot more. Enterprises can ask the tool to be tailor-made according to their needs and requirements so that the tool works like an employee of theirs and not a generic tool.

    Inclick Solutions:

    Customers of Inclick will always have a heads up on anything that may happen on social media that can affect their brand image because they claim that they can curtail the chances of a wrong content going viral by 80%. This claim comes from the combination of their breakthrough technology that tracks a brand’s activity continuously.


    Siddhant Minocha thought of Inclick when he was in college. To pursue his dream further, he had to drop out. A dedicated entrepreneur, Siddhant, discontinued his Master’s degree to make Inclick what it is today. Siddhant has also won the prestigious RVCF Startup Inspire Award by the honourable CM of Rajasthan, Ms. Vasundhara Raje with a cash prize of INR 1L. Inclick has also been chosen as a HOT100 Technology Startup by Centre Of Recognition & Excellence (CORE). Inclick’s target customers are businesses of various sizes and industries. Inclick has also done pilots with some big organisations including a few government departments.

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