OckTer .. One Stop For All Home Maintenance Services


    OckTer is a Mumbai based services start-up which aims to be the one stop solution for all Home Maintenance Services. They provide a wide range of service from plumber, carpenter, electrician, appliance repair, pest control, packers n movers etc. OckTer services private limited is currently operating in Thane central suburb area since last eight month, helping their customer in the cumbersome task of finding professional and trustworthy service providers.

    The Journey so far:

    The Duo, Ankit Singh and Sharat Shetty are childhood friends and have travelled around the globe working for leading cruise liners in F&B service department. Being a hotel management graduate and have worked with cruise liners, they both have flair for customer service. When they came back to India they found there is a need for and lack of reliable service providers,

    They said “ Since we were out most of the time we didn’t knew any servicemen in the neighbourhood which left us with option of online portals, the problem with those portals are that they would share our number with dozens of vendor, thus we used to end up getting dozens of call with each one quoting different rate, finally if we manage to call one of them, we are not actually aware of their quality of work and most of the time they never turned up on time this lead to the initial days of OckTer”

    , where both of the founders started searching for good servicemen, though a few in number but they managed to build a team and thus started OckTer which is now one of the best service providers in their service area.

    Since the company’s inception in Aug 2017, they have been growing at the growth rate of an average 20%, which is above average considering the fact that they started in their bedroom and had minimal to spend on marketing.

    Where are they headed:

    Founders say after almost a year of hard work and changes in their business model, they are now confident about their business model as well as their system is in place.They are in talks for their first round of funding as soon as they close the deal they are going to launch in Mumbai followed by Pune and then other cities in Maharashtra. They are pretty confident about having a pan India presence within 2 years of time.

    They say “ frankly, it’s a tough area to operate in because you have manage both side, Keep all vendors busy while making sure that each and every customer is served within an hours span. It took us almost an year to learn to maintain the balance, though goof ups still happen, but now we have learnt that it’s a part of our business and how to manage it. After such a big roller coaster of ride with so many problems and kickbacks, finally now we are very much confident about everything we are doing, our system is in place, our business model is ready. We aim to capture Maharashtra within 1.5 years, then move towards having a pan India presence.”

    The great thing about OckTer is it’s an amazing team of young and bright people who have a vision to solve a problem and are working on the right path. They are very much aware about their duties and responsibility. They always have an eye about the number of the orders they get vs the number of vendors they have onboard, and maintaining that balance is always on their priority list, since they provide service within an hours time and most their vendors are now dependent on them for a stream of income.

    OckTer now has a lot of vendors depending totally on the app for their bread and butter. Which started as a business is now a social responsibility as well for the founder and the team.

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