Hackers Interview: A Place To Ease Your Struggle Period

    Hackers Interview

    Most of us dream of reaching somewhere in our life but it has to be given a beginning. No matter how many times you fail or fall, you should never stop because we learn from our mistakes and every time we fail, we become wiser. Similar thoughts were in the mind of the founder of Hackers Interview, Yogesh Prasad who is an information security consultant as well as Certified Ethical Hacker and post graduate in computer science.


    Yogesh Prasad is also working as Information Security Consultant in a well reputed Mumbai based information security firm “Security Brigade Infosec Pvt Ltd”.


    Yogesh Prasad has contributed with several reputed IT companies such as Google, CISCO, Oracle, Nokia, Intel, NVidia, Seagate, ESET, eBay and many more during which, he found many security threats on all these websites and helped them to secure their websites as well as received a massive amount of reward from the companies as token of appreciation.


    He has a list of achievement including academic excellence award, which he received for securing the first rank in during his graduation. This shows Yogesh’s passion and seriousness towards his dreams which was present since the very beginning of his life.


    Yogesh is not only popular for his work behind the computer screen but is also known for extremely good public speaking skills. He has been an important part of several meetings, conferences and workshops including workshop related to “Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security”, training sessions for police officers regarding cyber-crime investigation, spreads information in various schools and institutions regarding cyber security, independent from any organisation, writing blogs for spreading awareness and sensitizing the people about th cyber-crimes.

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    Yogesh Prasad is a highly experienced person who has worked with several reputed personals, such as cyber security experts, IT professionals and security Geeks.


    Media appearance is also very common for Yogesh, as he has appeared in various columns and interviews conducted by reputed reporters and journalists who show concern towards the cyber world and obviously for good reasons only!



    Hackers Interview

    Keeping in mind his passion for spreading awareness among the people about the cyber world and making it a safer place for the general public, Yogesh started a platform called Hackers Interview.

    Link : https://hackersinterview.com/

    Hackers Interview is basically an online portal which is a perfect place for all those who are dreaming to make their career in the cyber world, dealing with information security.

    This portal has been founded to ease the struggle period of all those people struggling in the cyber world. It conducts interviews of all those professionals who are big names in this industry and have loads of experience to share about their struggle period and the journey from the beginning to where they are now.


    You will find interviews of several professionals of this industry such as Ethical Hackers, InfoSec Professionals, Security Researchers, Forensic Experts, Investigators, CEO’s CTO’s  etc., who were once at your position and has now reached the heights because of their constant struggle and hard work. We try to connect you personally with the stories of success and failure of all these professionals, so that you can learn from their mistakes and can use their strategies to fulfill your dreams. We make sure that you have the perfect beginning in the right direction and will deal with all those things which you should keep in mind in the beginning.

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    Not only experiences, you will also find many blogs which are written on different subjects related to the digital world and some of them are written directly by the founder, Yogesh Prasad who is himself a big figure in this industry! Get your hands on some basics of hacking and many other minor or major details which are required for beginning your journey, keeping in mind the productivity which you expect in the long term.

    Embracing mistakes and learning new things is all we want from all the dreamers over there!