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    The below feature is for those readers of Centiplex who are planning to enter into the world of Entrepreneurship through Recruitment, Training; For those who want to apply to a company or switch jobs. Its very significant for them to understand how Recruitment happens in the Corporates and what crucial role a Recruitment Agency plays in the process.How they function?What are the sources where they find candidates from, etc.


    Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. Hence, Manpower planning is an influential part of business growth… From analyzing the manpower inventory to making future-ready forecasts, planning employment programs, and designing training schedule, every activity is a valid part of human resource planning and Manpower Consultancy in India.


    SMVA( understands the importance of right manpower at the right Hierarchy level. After completing 5 years in this service industry and acting as Direct and 3rd party vendor to Companies/Consultancies across the globe, catering to 550+ corporate houses spanning across 15 countries, it specializes in mapping the right white collared candidate at the right hierarchy level.

    Two of the most common reasons why people think they can be great HR professionals are either they are very organized and systematic or they have good people skills. But these two qualities alone are not enough for anyone to make it big in their career in human resource management. The two attributes can land them jobs but to move up the ladder, they definitely need some qualities that will set them apart from other employees, that is where a manpower consultancy plays its role. SMVA provides a variety of general and specific advice, allowing you to develop a career as a generalist or a specialist, depending on your interests.


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    SMVA seek to distinguish itself by providing the most possible flexibility and reliability in customer service. As an intermediary, it keeps the promise to give their customers-JUST-IN-TIME SERVICE. Headquartered in Kolkata, delivering Services to both financial and non financial sectors across every verticals. SMVA is a MSME Certified, Professional human resource organization providing innovative HR and training platforms for the corporate world.


    Their Search Methodology –

    • Understanding the client Organization and the specific requirements
    • Establish a search strategy to effectively target desired candidates
    • Evaluation (understand the Suitability & interest of candidates)
    • Sharing client ready CVs (in a standard format-can be customised as per client’s requirements) Reference check
    • Post recruitment assistance


    • Source of candidates –
    • Website Advertisements
    • Company Mapping
    • Candidate Mapping
    • Professional Medium (LinkedIn etc.)
    • Social Medium (Facebook,Instagram etc)
    • Newspaper Advertisement MAIL/ SMS Blasting
    • Job Portals
    • Campus sing Drives and Job Fairs


    SMVA’s next phase of expansion includes rolling out engagement proposals Globally in the following capacity:


    • Full time Employment – (Recruitment / Business Development) 
      •Part Time Employment – (Recruitment / Business Development)
      •Regional/ Zonal Representatives (Business Development) 
      •Franchisee Partners
      •Partnership (Only open to similar trade people) 
      •Board of Advisors (Only open to domain specific experts)


    Before calling it a day, I Gaurav Agarwal , Director – SMVA Group , would like to wish luck to all the Readers.


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