Kick-start Your Interior Design Business In India With Floma


    The interior design industry in India is thriving these days and it is safe to say that it will see the graph constantly growing in the years to come. Indian citizens have gone through significant lifestyle changes in the recent years. The employment rate has risen, migration from one state to another has grown and people are getting picky and enthusiastic about the interior design of their homes.

    Also, due to the exposure to a pile of new decorating ideas through the Internet, more and more Indians are trying to accomplish innovative designs for their homes; for which they need expert interior designers. To simply put, if you are a fresher or an interior designer working for another firm, this is the perfect time to kick-start your own business as an interior designer.

    For starting your own interior design business, you need to understand a few basics:

    • Like any other business, you need to have a perfect idea of your business model, services,and

    • You need to have a basic yet efficient office space for starting your business.

    • You need to have a highly effective marketing strategy for reaching out to maximum people and expanding your clientele.

    And in today’s market, the best way to promote your business is via digital platforms. You should consider online marketing methods like SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, etc. along with traditional marketing methods like newspaper advertising, radio,etc.

    Online marketing is not just a rapid mode of marketing but also is highly effective as nowadays most Indians are online.


    How can online marketing help interior designers kick-start their business online?

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    Online marketing starts with building a decent website, adding an impressive gallery with videos and photos of your previous projects, and starting a blog which speaks about your ideas, uniqueness,and skills as a designer. Through this, you can capture the attention of viewers, build a reputation and turn them into your clients.

    The second step in your online marketing journey is social media. You can create your presence on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This will help you to communicate with your clients and find prospects easily. Also, publishing your blog or website links on these networks will increase the traffic to your website.

    The benefits of digital marketing and social media marketing are that they are speedy, they target a specific audience, they can be visible to many people at a time and you never get out of trend if you keep updating. Also, one more perk is that you can make it easy for prospects to reach you themselves!

    Does all this sound expensive and out of your reach? It doesn’t have to be. To bridge the gap between your current business state and being a successful business online, Floma can be your perfect partner.

    With a keen understanding of current trends, industry specific tools and the right audience, Floma can lead you to an effective marketing strategy.


    How can Floma help interior designers to establish Businesses?

    Floma is a platform dedicated to interior designers to endorse themselves online, share their work through photos and videos, connect with new clients and establish their business online via the useful Floma tools.

    • With Floma, you can create your professional profile free of cost, customise it and use it as a tool to market yourself online with useful options like adding your office location, a lead form, email & SMS marketing tools and more.

    • With Floma, you can share your articles, upload the photos and videos of your previous projects, and add your client reviews. Floma also enables you to easily share your profile on social media and keep a track ofhow many people you’re reaching.

    • If you are not willing to spend on building a website, you still do not have to worry about your marketing. Floma provides you with a free website by using the content you’ve shared on Floma. Cool, isn’t it?

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    When you become a pro at Floma, you will also get new, innovative marketing advice regularly which will be beneficial for establishing your business as a professional interior designer.

    Besides free marketing tools, Floma also offers a bunch of professional services with which you get personal assistance for marketing. Though Floma’s free tools are good enough to help you market yourself, these professional services help you raise the bar.

    Floma believes that excellence is an attitude will help you gain utmost excellence in kick-starting your interior design business in India!