How this Startup becomes your creative team 24/7


    How it all got started?

    It was all started when these two entrepreneurs, were on the edge of another fall (another Startup failed), they were disheartened and low but were full of hope to start their journey once again.They were jotting down causes of their fall this time and luckily, they discovered something unusual. They discovered that people do judge books by its cover. Although whatever they were doing, was providing solution to the target pain, but customers were turning away because they as the company, failed to create an inner satisfaction in the minds of customers when they get associated with their brand.

    And after researching and with the help of certain mentors in their network, they discovered that: Every Brand has its unique design which conveys their motive to the target audience and makes them satisfied and proud when they get associated with the brand. So, this is when they got their idea of starting a venture again, but this time not for themselves, but for others who’re failing due to same problem.

    Then they were started…

    It was a result of pure research and direct questions to the potential customers (Took more than 2 months) which led another discovery: that the present solutions were not enough targeted to solve India’s different business ecosystem and that’s why they all were failing to become a benchmark service! They arrived at something which was never done before. They discovered the secret which makes the hiring process of creativity much easier!

    The secret that they discovered…

    India, unlike other countries, believe and trust only those stakeholders who not only provides value to them, but also makes Long term business relations and commitment to stand with each other’s in tough time. Indian entrepreneurs and SMEs are not interested in looking at features or USPs but want someone who can understand their dilemma and add value in such a way that it should help them grow better than their previous state. The secret which they discovered that If you’re binging something fancier than fancies (like a marketplace) for services which requires deep understanding and commitments, then your solution can never become the benchmark solution and will always stress you on the retention part of your customers.

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    What should have been done: Ventures who were keen in solving design itch of this nation, should have understood this basic and core attribute of the target customers and design their service in such a way, that it scratches your customer’s itch not just one time but always when the itch arrives. Long term business relation is the key. Not just a marketplace.

    What have been done but:Various fancy marketplaces have arrived which runs 24/7, connecting designers with customers for a minor fee but they don’t stretch on making steady continuous business relation with their customers which can include price negotiation from customer to mutually arrive at a price to continue for a longer term.

    Now, what they provide as the best solution:

    Deepak Pandey and Rakesh Sahu has set a remarkable differentiation with their Startup called Designdewz, when they started serving the same target group of their rivals but with something new and more benefitting. They understood every element which constitutes a brand’s success and stretched their service line up as:

    Design: Includes Graphics, Brand essentials, 3D Design and Animation, Architectural blueprints, Workspace designing, Marketing communication design and so on.

    Digital: Includes Design & Development of Websites, Applications (Web and mobile), Chatbots and VR solutions.

    Now the best part here is their services are not for just one timers but has been crowdsourced yet runs on Monthly subscription.

    Yes, DesignDewz has the functionality of a marketplace but likes to work as the personal agency for their customers who not only understands them but always stand with them and take part in prosperity of the customers. Taking service from Designdewz will make you feel like it is so easy to get creativity for your venture.

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    “First, we started with only graphic design, but our satisfied customers wanted every design & development service from one provider, so after many iterations, we finally succeeded in bringing more service line ups to provide all services from one source.” – Deepak Pandey (Co-founder & CEO of Designdewz)

    Built on strong evidences:

    Deepak Pandey and his team are all ready to serve untapped market of 51 million SMEs of India out of which only 10 million are technology ready, and rest are still to get converted. One of the shocking facts is that out of 300 million internet users, 200 million uses internet over mobile devices. That’s why Designdewz will not work like traditional agency on mere website but will go deeper with Mobile app and all time active Design Bot to educate potential customers and designers community over the importance of visual appeal for success along with know how of every design elements and its wise usage. Another crucial thing which Designdewz is leveraging is that they’re making their platform usable in Indian languages, as the majority of Indian internet users will use internet in their local language rather than English. It is forecasted that the number of Non-English users will rise to 534 million till 2021.

    Designdewz is not just another platform which connects freelancers and customers but they’re heading on right direction and evolving as being the permanent creative department of more than 50+ Startups and SMEs as their clients. Their unique Business model makes them perfect fit for this growing and ever changing Indian market.

    Future plans of Designdewz:

    The Designdewz team has set their target of bringing more than 30 million SMEs Online till 2022 by providing them their unique styled design & digital services on monthly subscription with higher transparency in Digital strategies and supportive Long-term business relation. Although they are developing their platform again after the positive feedback from the market, they are also getting deeper in educating their potential customers through their upcoming Design Chat-bot named Designdidi (Sounds like a female assistant). They are still searching for a brilliant name for it if anyone can suggest. Although English will be the default one, but they’ll also add local language support to enhance their usage and provide maximum benefit to the potential user.

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    We wish them all the best for their unique mastery in providing much needed service for the vertical. You can say hi to the team at below places:

    You can find and follow Designdewz team on: