HappyLocate: Bringing Smiles on the Faces of re-locators.

    Happy Locate

    Based out of Bangalore, HappyLocate is a one-stop relocation platform that is designed to cater end to end relocation needs of the customer. From packers and movers to hotels and in coming days to even flights, HappyLocate will be a seamless integration between each and everything that a relocation demands.


    Founded in 2016 by Ajay Tiwari (with 13+years of leading teams as an HR head) and Sainadh Duvvuru (an IIM alumnus), with over 20+ packers and movers, 16,000+ hotels and flights yet to come, HappyLocate is heading towards becoming a one-stop destination for anyone who is changing homes or cities.


    How does it work:

    While users can come into the system through many ways, this is the most prominent one. Once a user shows an intent for relocation, they are then prompted to fit in whatever they want to move via an interactive platform. The platform is capable enough to avoid 60 -65% pre-move surveys which are otherwise a huge cost Center for packers and movers. This in turn allows them to forward this benefit to the consumers which results in lesser price in the final quotations.

    The next step is getting quotations from not 1 or 2 but 3 of India’s most reputed packers and movers. You then choose a quotation that you like and your work ends then and there. It is then taken over by a relocation expert who makes sure that your communication between packers and movers happen in a way as if it was never a problem.

    While HappyLocate shares own business flow, disruption is a big-time need of the hour. While the potential problem of the industry is duplicate/forged packers and movers, the story is much more gruesome. Week communication between packers & movers and customers, unprofessional attitude from the vendor and safety of households from damages & theft are just handful of many issues that we are trying to solve for our customers.

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    “We are not a moving company at all. We are an end to end relocation platform which will never leave their customers alone in the middle of a new city with few packers and movers. After all, even customers are a family.”; Quote from Sainadh


    Apart from having packers and movers services in key metros such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and Bengaluru, HappyLocate is now serving in 15,000 designation PIN codes which makes it a sought-after option for rural relocations too.


    The success story

    The volume speaks for acceptance rate of the platform. With over 3,000+ quotations delivered to date, HappyLocate has proved that the industry that prima facie looks hugely competitive haven’t been explored even a bit.

    “When it comes to growth, we don’t need to tout numbers. We have success stories for the same. Not just converted customers but even dropped users are now referring their friends and colleagues to us. ” Quote from Ajay.


    The Future:

    The future looks bright and we are gearing to be that one platform where you can avail multiple relocation needs and enjoy a hassle-free relocation in a few clicks.

    “The next step is AI. We don’t find it natural and acceptable for our users to state their requirements every now and then. We believe in a system that understands what a user needs, even before the user can put his demands on the table and we are working endlessly towards reaching that tenacity.” Quoted by Sainadh.


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