An anniversary with a difference – that made a difference

    iLeaf Ritz Banquets

    Welcome to ‘Care and Share’ – a unique concept initiated by iLeaf Ritz Banquets on their first anniversary celebration on April 23, 2018. They celebrated their first anniversary by organizing the birthday celebration of 100 homeless children from ‘MaaNiketan’.

    For most children, blowing out candles on a birthday cake is an annual ritual. Games, gifts and parties are eagerly anticipated as that special day draws near, and a birthday celebration – whether a small family gathering or a big blowout bash. But for the homeless children the picture is quite different. They have never experienced the joy of celebrating their birthdays. Thanks, to iLeaf Ritz Banquets who decided to bring a smile on the face of these underprivileged children recently.

    For nearly 100 underprivileged children, this was a great grand day in their lives as they were in for a surprise treat. The joy showed on their faces which was just spectacular and they merrily enjoyed every bit of it. They were a part of the great grand celebration, organized by one of the finest luxury banquet in Thane- ‘iLeaf Ritz Banquets’, who celebrated their first anniversary on April 23, Monday. The event was organized to earmark the joint celebration of iLeaf Ritz Banquet’s anniversary and the birthdays of the children from ‘MaaNiketan’, a charitable trust for homeless children.These children stay at ‘MaaNiketan’, a charitable trust set up in 1972 to provide shelter to the homeless children and support them in shaping a better future with love, care, education and skills.  It was a fun-filled party with lots of games, music, meet and greet session with ‘ChotaaBheem’ character, followed by cake-cutting and photo session for these children.Their laughter and excitement as they played with balloons, cartoon characters and bonded with the management of iLeaf Ritz Banquets.

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    10-year-old Pooja, from ‘MaaNiketan’ elated, “I love ChotaBheem and I was so excited to meet him today. He hugged me and danced with me. I have never seen such a decorative party hall before. It was decorated beautifully and we had lots of space to play around. I had never imagined that my birthday would be celebrated ever. I am very thankful to iLeaf Ritz Banquets for making us live our dreams for a day.”

    iLeaf Ritz Banquets was launched last year, as a state-of-art, premium range of luxury banquet offering customized services for both personal and official events like weddings, parties, corporate events and the likes. Equipped with high-end amenities and housing a large number of people at a time, the banquet can be used to organize celebrations of varied range.


    Mr. Pratish Ambekar, Managing Director of iLeaf Ritz Banquets said, “We have only begun to touch the surface of reaching out to these underprivileged children by celebrating their birthdays at iLeaf Ritz Banquets. It was our first anniversary celebration and we wanted to make it memorable; not just for us but by making a small contribution to the society as well. We wanted to spread happiness as a part of our first anniversary by supporting a cause.”

    “We are delighted that iLeaf Ritz Banquets have successfully completed one-year. But more than we are happy to celebrate our joy with the underprivileged children who are deprived of such moments in life,” said Mr Abhishek Kadam, Director of iLeaf Ritz Banquets.

    Sister Amrita, Head of ‘MaaNiketan’ said, “This was a memorable event for all our children as this was the first time that they had celebrated their birthdays outside the shelter home. It was dream come true for them to celebrate their birthdays in such a big party hall. We are highly obliged for iLeaf Ritz Banquets for their noble deeds and giving our children such a wonderful experience.”

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    Children were engrossed in the goodies and yummy food organized by the management of iLeaf Ritz Banquets. With a large spread of delicacies, the food was selected and prepared to appeal the little guests. Children danced and played a lot with the staff and management of iLeaf Ritz Banquets. Even the staff and management from iLeaf Ritz Banquets gave way to the inner child in them as they engrossed themselves with the children from ‘MaaNiketan’. This was the first time that these children saw such grandeur. Their laughter and excitement as they played with balloons, cartoon characters and bonded with the management of iLeaf Ritz Banquets.