Startup that brought security to digital stacks in North-East India


    Following the trend setters like Saket Modi and Rahul Tyagi ,a group of friends comprising both juniors and seniors of Dibrugarh University have setup a IT Security Assessment firm that provides pro-active and reactive security to the digital stacks in entire north – eastern region of India.


    Startup :- Cybrosec  India

    Founder:- Farhad Sajid Barbhuiya and Nabarun Jyoti Boruah

    Year it was founded:- 2016

    Sector:- IT Security

    Funding Raised :- Incubation from Dibrugarh University

    Based:- Dibrugarh


    World is dependent more than ever on digital platform both to perform business as well as  daily life style and to put a competitive advantage in the market. In such time cyber security increasingly becomes a board room concern and any disruption leads to complete takeover of trust by anyone internal or external. It is hence a requirement of today to look at securing digital from a holistic risk, management and confidentiality based approach.

    Farhad Sajid who was trained by one of the elite ethical hacker Mr. Rahul Tyagi in the field of ethical hacking and cyber security and while training he discussed with his one of his senior that why not these domain should be brought up in the eyes and concern level of people from north-east India and start providing proper training of using internet in a much secure way .

    This led to giving birth of Cybrosec India, an IT Security assessment company that starts from Identifying the relevant assets to protecting data, both with single point & end point solutions, to building the last line of defense with forensic and fraud analysis capabilities .


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    Explaining why he felt the need of IT Security assessment ,Farhad explains, ” we are rounded up 24*7 with internet and digital life, our day starts with seeing the whatsapp group discussions and the whole day we are directly or indirectly associated with the usage of mobile apps and internet but we are not enough smart to handle a smart phone”.

    Why the blends?

    Cybrosec  workshops and training programs  are designed keeping in mind that the need and aspects of students for their emergence in the market as full fledged developer in their respective domain which will in return increase the efficiency and perfection for their desired working field.

    They also realized workshops should be fully hands on training which is a outline and initial platform that shapes a basic perspective which will be beneficial keeping in mind that all the participating in the same are beginners so that the foundation of the program hence followed builds basic strong rights from the scratch.

    Farhad adds up that there is a lack of knowledge among the people about internet, they find it a way to communicate or gather some resources without having the proper knowledge of what is happening in their back.

    Farhad and Nabarun along with their team mates explored the whole market that will be possible which helped them come with the best market strategies of approaching and thus increasing the potential demand.


    workout of plans

    Farhad along with his team started their workshop presentation with armed forces like CRPF, Commandos Battalions For Resolute Action, Assam Rifles and there they figured out that dependents and personalities from armed forces are also having less knowledge and are getting easily targeted to scams and social engineering attacks , thus they started their journey providing training to military and paramilitary forces.

    Soon they were invited by may engineering colleges from North-East as well as apart from north-east to conduct workshop and training programmes and they successfully trained more then 3000+ students and were recently awarded parivartan award by 3E- Entrepreneur Conclave 2017.

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