This HSBC employee is making a difference in the culture of language learning in India with her initiative “Spanish in a Hurry”


    There is a sustained demand for people who knows more than one language. There are forty-one million native Spanish speakers reside in the U.S. today, and this figure does not include the millions more who have learned Spanish by choice. According to the studies, Spanish emerges as the second most spoken language and there is unlimited opportunities around the world for Spanish speakers. Unlike Europe and USA learning a foreign language is not mandatary and the methods used in teaching and learning is not competent and interesting enough to keep the students connect to the same.

    Mousumi Ghosh, who started “Spanish in a Hurry”, the first language initiative to take language learning outside of the classrooms, to help people and students learn the language in a short time with unique methods and quick tactics, says that commercialization of teaching has been mostly inefficient to create an interesting ambience which connects the students with a new language.

    The education sector demands to introduce new style of interactive teaching methods. Unfortunately in Indian education system, there has been a trend in schools and private institutions for memorizing and scoring high in the examinations, rather than sharing a background and reason behind learning anything new.

    Mousumi has started “Spanish in a Hurry” with an aim to help students coming from all background to get a new learning experience where they know about the culture, food, cinema and music related to Spanish language and feel why it’s important and fun to learn Spanish.

    Mousumi has been teaching Spanish to students from 2011, since she has settled in Bangalore with a job in Wipro as a software engineer. She is an advanced diploma holder in Spanish from reputed Jadavpur University. Starting tuitions with help of Urbanpro she has met a large group of people who are interested to learn the language but do not have enough time to invest behind it.Many of her students were from corporate background and need to speak the language for client interaction and migration purpose. Rest were students, travellers, artists and music lovers. Soon Mousumi realized that there was a gap which could not be fulfilled by the conventional foreign language schools. This was the lack of support to understand the language better by sharing the cultural background of it.

    Spanish in a Hurry” was founded in early 2012, and Mousumi started experimenting new methods to keep the learning experience interesting. She started taking a series of curated designed and interactive workshops in different areas.Partcipants were encouraged to study the study material on their own and ask for help anytime even after the classs.Mousumi says,” It was important for me to get connected with the people who are interested. I guide them anytime, even after year’s students ask for help to continue the learning and I am happy to do the same.”

    With every New Year Spanish in a Hurry has been introducing new kind of workshops. It’s also active with a Facebook page of same name where interesting lessons are and quirky clues every day to help you getting the language. “Learn Spanish in 6 Hours” where one can learn the crux of entire 40 hours course is one of her workshops which continues to be most popular among the Bangaloreans. In last two years Mousumi has collaborated with multiple cafes, expressions space and conducted sessions such as conversation addas, let’s chat over Churros and Café Spanish meetups. More than 1500 students were benefited by her initiative.

    Speaking about the education style of the country, Mousumi says, “When you focus on immediate results on a teacher’s work and prioritize the scores of the student, then teachers are bound to lose creativity their and become part of the same obsolete circle for remunerations. It’s important to see education more than a classroom subject, where students can enhance the language awareness with cross country cultures.

    While Mousumi keep working with her new ways of teaching Spanish apart for her regular job in HSBC, she knows that one language initiative cannot change the story. Starting from 2017 she has started partnering with corporates, language societies and teachers across India to introduce new ways of teaching following the same model. In 2018 she has partnered with Doab Uncut Motion, a Kolkata based start-up to encourage new writers, mentors, artists and filmmakers in any language.

    I feel that learning is inevitable and it flows with us in any form, no matter it’s a language or any other form of knowledge. It’s our responsibility to remove the uneven barriers and let it flow through different aspects of art and culture. Mousumi adds.

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