Restorelife takes care of every situation in different conditions from pregnancy to menopause in female organs.


    About Ekta Jain:

    Always a chubby kid in school, Ekta Jain’s fitness troubles followed her during her adulthood. As she was enjoying her first pregnancy and the feeling of becoming a first time mother, a news came along within 6 months of her pregnancy that hit her like a bolt of lightning. Her baby was diagnosed with an IUGR (Intra Uterine Growth). Her first baby’s growth was retarded in her womb at 6 months. This is when she started finding answers to questions like what exactly had gone wrong! Ekta Jain followed a strict regime of diet and healthy choices and that’s where her fitness journey started. This fitness journey helped in improving her child’s health and today she has a beautiful and healthy daughter, Prisha. But it was during her fitness journey that the idea and concept of Restorelife had born! Through Restorelife, Ekta Jain’s objective was to increase awareness about.


    Here’s a glimpse of what Restorelife is all about or reason why this concept came into existence:

    Restorelife is established by the expert nutritionist and dietician Ekta Jain. Her real life struggles inspired her to help other individuals and thus Restorelife was formed. Her aim is to see a healthier society where individuals lead a fit & mentally stable life.

    At Restorelife, the aim is to coach you with the knowledge of health and nutrition. Most people splurge on expensive gym memberships, books and even pills for various health related issues like obesity, weight management etc. and do not come across encouraging results. The reason is: lack of proper guidance. Restorelife solves this problem for you! From customized meal plans to a thorough nutritional advice, Restorelife provides you with the best nutritional advice.

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    Women’s Health:

    From pregnancy to menopause to different conditions in the female organs, Restorelife take care of every situation. Their objective is to offer each to-be mother a safe and happy motherhood.


    Pregnancy & Lactation:

    Restorelife guides you throughout your journey. They provide you with healthy diet charts and exercises for prenatal care as well.


    Healthy Recipe:      

    Diet does not need to be boring, and Restorelife ensures that this saying turns true. They offer recipes that are scrumptious, delightful and healthy.


    Keep going & Exercise:

    The key to a heathy lifestyle is regular exercise. Know about some easy workout & exercising techniques for a fitter body by the nutritionists and fitness trainers and professionals at Restorelife.

    Some of their specialized services include:

    • Weight Management

    Get expert guidance on how to manage weight healthily

    • Lifestyle

    Make simple yet effective lifestyle changes with Restorelife

    • Kids Health

    Improve your child’s well-being with proper guidance


    Overall, the objective of this fitness center is creating awareness in the society about how crucial it is for one to realize and take care of his and her body and health. After all, your body is your biggest asset and taking good care of it ensures that you lead a healthy life in the long run. Be it a child, a mother or an elderly person, fitness is for everyone.

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