Hullojobs created a simplified end-to-end solution for all kind of online recruitment needs on a single platform for both Job seeker and the recruiter.


    Founded by Srinivas Varahagiri, Hullojobs is an online job portal that is looking to disrupt the competitive talent identification and recruitment space. The company has developed some unique solutions that have simplified the process for both the job seeker as well as the recruiter. The company offers a combination of free and paid services in creating a viable bridge between these two segments. The company’s intelligent products are designed to cater to the transitioning needs of the industry.

    The platform was developed by Srinivas when he found that hiring trends and talent are never a permanent phenomenon. Both keep changing based on factors such as the business environment, market performance and the prevalent education quality among other factors. Srinivas has looked to develop an intuitive platform that preempts the needs of the market and then provides solutions to keep job seekers in synch with market demands.

    Hullojobs is in reality a simplified end-to-end solutions provider for all kinds of online recruitment needs on a single platform, where both the job seeker and the recruiter have a host of tools to empower themselves to find the right match and to connect easily. The recruiter can make use of the agile platform to upload their job descriptions and instantly connect with thousands of aspiring candidates. Add to this they can promote themselves with banner adds to tap and reach the right candidates. Job applicants in turn can make use of the hassle-free platform to easily customize and upload their CV’s while getting to choose from a multitude of companies who are featured on the platform.

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    The company was born out of the premise that more and more job seekers are resorting to online methods of job search. While it is estimated that over 79% of this segment use the internet to search for jobs but most are still unable to find the right match without intervention.

    An important quality of Hullojobs is that it is very affordably priced, keeping the market sentiment in mind.

    The company plans to establish themselves in India initially and then expand towards South East Asia (Singapore and Malaysia) in the near future. Hullojobs has grown exponentially in terms of staff strength and its business in the past few months alone.


    Products from Hullojobs

    The company offers a combination of both Free and Paid services both to Jobseekers and to Recruiters at nominal prices.

    For the Job Seeker their paidservices include Resume Writing, Resume Priority, Resume Blast and a much sought-after Visual Resume writing service.

    For the Job Recruiter their paid products include ‘Resume Database Access’, ‘Job Posting’ and Company ‘Banner Advertisements’.

    Hullojobs is now also open for free posting of jobs for both bulk and individual openings. Listing companies will have access to thousands of candidates who have already registered on the platform and using its various services.


    The Visual Resume is a unique service for job applicants where they can take advantage of templatized formats to suit their qualification and preferences. Applicants will be given an Id card with a unique bar code and a link to download the resume.  The resume can be downloaded by anyone who has either the link or the bar code provided in the id card. The Visual resume is tailor-made, easy to read and highlights the key skills and performances of the job seeker; thus, making it accessible from anywhere and anytime. The applicant can choose to upload and edit the resume onto the Hullojobs server to be accessed anytime using a secure sign in. This is an effort by Hullojobs towards a paperless economy while offering a more creative and digital representation.

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