10 ways to actively engage employees through social media


They say a productive business is all about the level of motivation of the employees. Considering that every person presents a different personality in the work pace, keeping the employees motivated continuously can be a little difficult and relatively expensive.

Social media has presented itself as a solution to a lot of communication and interaction problems today, having it being introduced as a social networking platform. Accordingly, social media platforms come with amazing features like Facebook link share that make it reasonably easy to instantly circulate information in a wide range.

Having that the success of your business to some extent lies in the hands of your employees, figuring out a way to actively engage them is likely to give you higher results in your business.

Herein are tips and tricks packaged nicely for you to help you figure out how to engage your employees on social media:

Be active

It is just that simple. Your employees may just be following your lead on organizational culture, and that could be why they behave the way you do.

Show them your humanity by leading them to the forefront as an active social media user. Share, comment, like and show dedication on social media platforms, and slowly see your employees follow in your footsteps.

Share content with them

You may presume that your employees are inactive on social media, simply because you do not see them participating in the content you feed on.

Sharing content, you stumble by on social media with your employees is a fun, easy way to toss out your ideas to them, giving them a sneak pic of what interests you. This is also a strategy to help your employees better understand your personality and preferences.

Create a joint group or community with them

Being found in the same circle with your employees is a great way to break the ice, especially where the employees are a little reserved.

Create a joint group or community in one of the social media platforms that most, if not all of your employees are, and this way you can all easily build conversations.

Respond to their questions and concerns on social media

A great conversation starter that always works is asking questions. Whenever you come across issues or concerns from your employees, be sure to respond to them.

Remember to loosen up and be fun when responding to them by using emojis, gifs, pictures or even humor, making them feel comfortable about keeping on with the discussions.

Use hashtags relevant to your business

Engaging with employees can be tricky mainly because of the underlying need to maintain professionalism while at it.

For this reason, using hashtags and holding chats on topics that are relevant to your business will not only put the goals of your business first but also engage your employees on social media in a professional way.

Share and promote their content

The easiest way to get on someone’s good side is to show them an appreciation for their work.

Try sharing and promoting your employees’ contents among your circles, as this acts as an endorsement, building a level of trust with you.

Plan for giveaways

Nothing sounds better than an unexpected gift from an employee. Gifting your employees is a fun way to motivate your employees as well as foster healthy competition among them.

Meet up with investors, donors or simply advertisers in your business and plan for giveaways to employees who are most active on social media.

Ask for feedback

Your employees could actually be very active on social media, but not in the very ways you would want them to be.

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. Ask them what they think about an article you shared or about a current phenomenon that could be significant to your business, or merely a funny life incident.

Share customer insights and reviews

Employees might prefer to keep things work related, and discussions around what they do might get them into active participation.

Share customer insights and reviews, for example, bring up a discussion about a particular client that acted irrationally in the week. Get your employees excited about work.

Show vulnerability

Being a leader may command a level of respect that generally comes with a degree of fear of close interaction.

To break this cycle, show vulnerability and humanity by coming up with strategies to be fun around your employees, for example, ‘ask me anything’ (AMA).

Social media really isn’t that hard to get into, and literally, everyone can be an active participant, without feeling judged for it. Give your employees a chance to experience the joy of social media and enjoy the proceeds of a motivated people.

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