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    Online games have a huge fan following and Poker is one among them, which has a global audience. But the Poker market in India is much disorganized and people often have a hard time finding trusted online Poker websites. Sensing this gap, Anuj, along with Priyanka, formed a motley crew of entrepreneurs to launch PokerLauncher (PL), a leading platform for online Poker deals bringing curated offers to players.

    Concept of Rakeback in PokerLauncher

    Desiring to bring immense value to thousands of players who trusted them, PokerLauncher has introduced a unique concept of rakeback. Just like any e-commerce website has the cashback concept, PokerLauncher has rakeback. A fee or a rake is to be paid by a player when playing on a Poker platform. PokerLauncher, as an affiliate, gets the fee refunded partially to the player, which forms the rakeback. So, players have a great chance to add upto 50% to their overall earnings through Poker rakeback offered by PokerLauncher. Playing poker without Rakeback is like willfully not taking a discount when it is available on your shopping. With this message spread to all Poker enthusiasts, PL has had a roaring success since its inception in the year 2016.

    Introduction to the PokerLauncher Team

    Anuj, who has an experience in management and e-commerce industry, along with Priyanka, who has 10 years of corporate experience, devoted a year working on the model viability. They had to initially face problems creating an aggregator solution that helps in organizing this Poker business space. They had to visualize and model everything from scratch to create a solid tech solution. They formally launched PokerLauncher on January 1st 2016 as an aggregator for all online Poker players. Since its inception, this brand even though had access to funds from angel/institutional investors, has bootstrapped its way up and made itself sustainable and profitable.

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    Core Strengths of PokerLauncher

    PokerLauncher helps its players receive optimal benefits, highest rakeback and best bonuses from online Poker rooms in India and abroad. With PokerLauncher, people are becoming more open to the idea of Poker as a game of skill and a legit career option. PokerLauncher is aggressively marketing online Poker games by conducting workshops and official Poker tournaments in IIT Delhi and other colleges. The brand added as a website for hosting quality content related to Poker in India. Inspite of individual affiliates being their competitors, PokerLauncher has built its reputation on transparency, assured payouts and best deals giving it a clear edge over its rivals.

    Plans for the Future

    PokerLauncher has plans to venture into the live poker (along with online poker) space. It is also working on engaging content, a sub-affiliate network, new technology upgrades and mobile app that will lure poker enthusiasts from all over India. With a strong team comprising of professional poker players, seasoned business professionals and IIT/IIM alumni, PokerLauncher is all rearing to take the frontal lead in Poker gaming in India. So the next time you want to try Poker, you very well know where you are assured to get the best deal.

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