World of Studios – A startup disrupting the entire Indian media & entertainment industry worth 1606.2 Billion INR


    The media and entertainment industry in India is valued at over 1606 Billion INR in worth and the music industry alone is around 12 Billion INR and is expected to rise upto 19 Bn by 2019. India holds rank 20 in terms of global music industry size and if the projections and growth are steady, by 2019 it will be among top 10 global rankings.

    With the rise in the market of independent artists growing in India, the need to organize the industry is the need of the hour. A lot of talented artists lacks behind as they do not get the access to professional studio services and bring out quality content that is presentable and marketable as well.

    World of Studios is currently the only dedicated platform that focuses on the recording studio market and artists and bridges the gaps between. It is a booking facilitator for recording studios in India, it aims to evolve into an end to end studio booking/management platform enabling seamless and organized studio services across India and overseas.

    Finding studios in Tier 1 cities is not much of an issue, but in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, the online platform goes a step beyond google to help with the information of services that are offered by the studio, making it easier for people to search.

    The name ‘World of Studios’ comes naturally as the studios themselves have an entire world of their own. The company is not only helping professional artists find the best studio for practice in different cities when they are on tours, it is also helping budding musicians with infrastructure for growth. By providing a platform and guiding about the place of practice, young musicians will be able to pursue their interests and talents in the music field more seriously.

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    Along with finding the best studios, one will be able to book with the click of few buttons. World of Studios also has a platform for artists booking and collaboration, making the platform a one-stop solution for music composition. A music composer would be able to find singers, rappers, drummers, lyricists all on the platform. And they could collaborate with other musicians as well and record their work by booking a studio through the platform. Think about the revolution this could bring to the music industry.

    India, the land of Bollywood and other big entertainment industries like Tollywood and regional industries has an insuppressible need of good recording studios to make it be recognized as a key player in the Global Entertainment Industry. A good recording studio not only will help movie makers or musicians but will also bring hidden talent across the country out in the open with the availability of right tools and services at their disposal.

    World Of Studios aims to empower these upcoming talent by establishing its reach in the remotest of locations across India and also overseas with time. The company is already in discussions with studios, media personnel and artists around the globe and an international expansion is on the cards in the near future.

    Apart from this, the company also helps new studio owners or people who wish to establish their music or recording studios by offering consulting and great deals on hardware and software products needed to run a world class studio. The standard process in setting up and onboarding a new studio involves going through a checklist of items to ensure the studio performs at a basic milestone level which in turn ensures a guaranteed good recording.

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    World of Studios also plans to help release music of those with talent but little exposure with their partnerships across various music labels and companies. With the right approach and good services, the company is on the path to become a global brand in booking and setting up world class recording studios, which shall also bring more tourism in the country as the unbeatable services and efficient pricing, everyone across the world would come to India to have their audio video and media requirements fulfilled in this country of talent.