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    You tell the name and we have it for you!! Surprise your friends with this super cool website where you can find birthday songs for your friends, family, relatives, friends of friends and for that cranky boss too. Birthday songs with names is an online portal to excite your loved ones with unique birthday gifts. Birthday songs with names – came up with a distinguished idea to provide personalized birthday Songs with names. This website offers a wide range of services. Muddled about how to quirk up your friend’s birthday? A tasty cake and a lot of fun are now too mainstream for a birthday party. In this unique website, they inspire people to share birthday wishes and greetings through the magic and power of personalized birthday songs, photo eCards and amazing birthday Songs videos.

    Need a great birthday gift? Why not send your special one something unique and cool, fun and, oh, very inexpensive. Send them as gift a birthday song with their name by email, or share it via Facebook and Twitter.

    This website has hired musicians to create new and better versions of the tunes we sing and love, the tunes we learn when we are at the age of two or less. And now we can send it to anyone on their big day – something different, memorable, creative, isn’t it? And what’s more, you can choose the song and then create a beautiful birthday ecard with it. This started as a vision to help people solve their problems of gifting. What now started a small idea, has now taken a huge shape of a concrete startup. They are working hard to add innovative feathers to this website.

    Based in Kolkata, India, the entire team is a passionate and innovative group devoted to helping more people experience the power of sharing their wishes. The newly added feature is the Birthday dialer. We all know that customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects for a successful business and BirthdaySongsWithNames.Com brings to us just the best tool for it. BIRTHDAY DIALERS is a unique and special way to wish your loved ones on their special day. This feature can be used by the business houses to make their customers feel special and wanted. This feature is the apt option for those who wish to start a business campaign. Sprucing up the idea of innovative business campaigns, this birthday dialer feature will be an add-on.

    A research has shown that an increase in returning customers by just 5% can increase a company’s revenue by 75%!! Imagine the customer/client of a business receiving a call on their birthday, wishing them happy birthday with their own special PERSONALISED SONG!! dedicated by your company. Nowadays, most of the businesses run Birthday Campaigns wishing their customers via email or messages but no company has ever wished their customers with a PERSONALISED BIRTHDAY SONG. In an area where Emails and Sms are flooded with Birthday Messages and it might go unnoticed, but a call on behalf of the business singing a personalised song will surely not get unnoticed. And this could be your chance to stand ahead of your competition. They have realized the need for constant change to stay upbeat with the market and hence are coming up with new and innovative features to aid the business houses in their commercial campaigns. So, expand your business with BirthdaySongsWithNames.Com.

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