6 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid For Marketing Success In 2018

    SEO Mistakes to avoid

    Contrary to what marketers think, SEO mistakes aren’t the preserve of small businesses and startup. Seasoned SEO experts will make obvious mistakes in their rush to streamline Google ranking and site visibility. You can make simple mistakes such as misspelling keywords or skipping the part where you need to research keywords. The list of common SEO mistakes you can make in 2018 is endless.

    SEO helps you to reach and draw traffic back to your website. There are reliable tools that can help you make the most out of SEO. You still want to know how our site is performing and ranking. A tool such a Serp tracker tool will keep you in the loop. To avoid wasting your time and efforts, there is a need to know all the SEO mistakes that could render your 2018 SEO efforts null. Here are 6 common mistakes to avoid.

    1. Starting SEO With Little Keyword Research

    Many marketers armed with the zeal to break out in the digital landscape will go ahead and launch their SEO campaign without giving much thought to the keywords they use. There are many keyword related mistakes that could sink you into oblivion from an SEO standpoint. You are venturing out to compete with smart businesses and keyword research needs to be at the core of your onslaught. Your effort to make low quality or generic keywords can be the reason why you fail to meet your marketing objectives. In fact, failing to assess the kind of keywords in use can lead you blindly into using competitive keywords that are likely to hurt your visibility. Free keyword research tools are always at your disposal and you shouldn’t have excuses.

    1. Poor Website Layout /UX

    Search engines such as Google factor in numerous aspect when assessing and indexing your site. They don’t just look at the keywords, but they will evaluate your website’s layout too. If you have ignored the need to make user experience excellent, your rankings will suffer. The more attractive and user-friendly your website is, the more the traffic it will attract. Nobody wants to deal or trade with a site that looks bland. With the right UX, search engines will perceive your website as a deserving authority site. Remember, factors such as page loading speed and lack of broken 404 links will make both user and perch engines accept you as a credible brand.

    1. Lack Of High-Quality Content

    There is no denying that content reign supreme in your marketing endeavors. You can probably pull the kind of audience you want if you have fluff and thin content on your site. In 2018, the algorithms have changed; Google wants to see the exceptional quality in your content. The more you offer solutions to your follower/customers, the more your site befriends Google into submission. Remember, the quality need not be found on your blog posts alone. Make sure your images, video, tutorial and interactive session are of a high quality. You will endear your readers and search engines to your site.

    1. Zero Social Media Presence

    It is 2018 and any forward-thinking business needs to have assimilated social media marketing into their overall strategy. Thinking that social platforms are a waste of time and money can be the greatest mistake you can make. Surprisingly, many businesses are hesitant and it can cost them a lot. If you take time and map your SEO strategy creatively, you don’t have to worry about making the obvious mistakes. Google will discover how your followers respond to or interact with your brand. If you are not on board, the social engagement benefits arising will go down the pipes.

    1. Backlinks With Low-Quality Content

    Backlinks are the quintessential ranking factors according to search engines. You can resort to all the tricks in the SEO book to build quality links. It comes with a host of benefits on SERPS. You need to avoid rushing into building hundreds of links that come with poor quality. Your site needs to have highly valuable content before you think about links. If you flood your site with generic or links from low authority sites, it can do you more harm than good. Links from keyword stuffed content needs to be avoided at all costs. You had rather leverage potential of one high-quality backlink instead of relying on thousands of spammy links.

    1. Ignoring Mobile Friendly /Responsive Website Design

    The marketing shift in 2018 has changed. Users and shoppers are now transacting on the smaller screens. It’s the perfect proof that business needs to adapt to mobile search. It’s imperative that your site is designed responsively. If you want to rank high and avoid common on-page mistakes, make sure you have a responsive site. Users are likely to keep coming back if they notice that they can access your brand on smaller screens.

    The Takeaway

    If you want SEO to work in 2018, like it has always done, consider adapting measures that will help you avoid the common mistakes. Don’t just identify these mistakes, but allocate resources and exploit technology to fix them. Your site will rank better if you put some efforts in reducing the factors that diminish your ranking.