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    Manish Jha Janadhar India

    An election is one of the most crucial events for any country. Politicians are people who are elected by the public to various leadership positions and yet there is no certification or special skill required to be one. There is nothing to guide you. To enter into any other field you know how to go about it, and if not you have people to guide you, and books to teach you. There are institutes for the same and other fellows tend to help you out. It is the exact opposite in the case of elections. When it comes to elections the competitors are less, yet the competition is tough. It becomes tough to figure out the strategies to be pursued. The question arises if there is nothing to help you how do you succeed in your mission of being the next MLA, or Next MP? One of the most important aspects of standing in elections is to connect with the voters. Advertising, and Rallies help to a certain extent, but there is no way one can address to each and every voter individually and secure their vote. The problems are complex, but all you need is a hand to help you with your election strategy and Janadhar India can be your right hand to assist you with that.

    Janadhar India is a Political consulting and Election Campaign Management company in India. They have successfully managed and demonstrated best election campaign strategies in Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Punjab, and Gujarat Assembly Elections.

    It has been helping politicians, sitting MLAs, MPs and political aspirants in managing they are end-to-end political and election campaign. They are on a path of constant growth. There is a wide range of services that they provide you to help you maximize voters outreach in the constituency, some of which include- Voters survey, voters behavior analysis, opinion polls, exit polls, qualitative research and analysis, quantitative survey and research, poll-worker training, candidate profile, bulk SMS, bulk WhatsApp, bulk recorded voice calls, bulk emails, digital advertising, customized mobile app for candidate, election management software, voters database, video van, led van, mobile van, political rallies, door to door campaigns, canvassing, outdoor advertising, cinema advertising and more. Their expert team is capable of managing various campaigns including – upcoming assembly elections, general elections, municipal elections, panchayat elections, and university elections.

    At Janadhar India, their primary objective is to help you communicate and connect with your voter in a legitimate and attention-grabbing manner that helps define your ideology, break through the clutter and win on the election day.

    They have successfully demonstrated their political and election campaign management and strategy in recent assembly and general elections. They use creative and local strategy, cross-platform media combined with cutting edge advertising and technology, They have a team with the expertise of designing and delivering all your communication to the end voter through following media:

    • Survey and Analysis
    • Strategic Consultancy
    • Campaign Design and Execution
    • Mass Outreach Media
    • Mobile Connect Programs
    • Digital Advertising and Social Media
    • Customized Political Events
    • Youth Connect Programs
    • Women Connect Programs
    • Voter Influencer Network

    Website: www.janadharindia.in

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