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    Ornate Jewels
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    A good pair of earrings or a necklace always boosts our confidence. No matter what we are wearing, we are never too dressed to not wear something to go with it. Jewelry marks some very important occasions in our life. However, it becomes a little restricted in our country since, whatever jewel is bought, is bought with the intention of wearing it rarely, on some special occasions, or to put them away as an investment. It is treated like money, which makes the whole point of using jewelry as an accessory purposeless. However, even if some people prefer to wear it day in and day out, there is a sense of fear in their mind that it would get lost or be snatched away. Gold is highly popular in India, and expensive too, which is also why a lot of people cannot afford it, while some of them keep themselves updated with the price and hope for it to drop to a point where they too can get a taste of it. So there is not one but many reasons to convince one’s self, to not buy a gold ornament. However, silver tends to solve this problem. Silvery jewelry is affordable and looks beautiful, but is it going to last? The quality available in the market cannot be trusted, at cheap prices, the accessory offered rusts easily. What can one possibly do to find something beautiful enough to gift it to someone and at the same time not burn a hole in his pocket? Your answer lies with Ornate Jewels.

    Ornate Jewels
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    The importance of a jewel could not be better understood by a woman. Shelly laid the foundation stone for Ornate Jewels in 2015. It offers quality jewelry to everyone across the globe. Be it for a meeting, or a wedding, you can find everything that’s not only trendy but also within your budget. All their jewelry is manufactured in their own manufacturing facility; the designs represent aspiration of an independent, today’s Indian woman. At ornate jewels, they strive to provide the best quality genuine and pure 92.5 silver jewelry at super affordable prices. Their jewelry is anti-tarnish, rhodium plated which does not turn black hence giving the buyer a product, which can be worn for years to come. They use the highest quality AAA grade American Diamonds. The jewelry is nickel, lead and cadmium free. Each piece goes through strict quality control to make sure every customer get the best quality. Each piece is stamped with their brand logo and a stamp of purity. Each piece is shipped in an eco-friendly velvet lined designer boxes along with a certificate of authenticity. They also provide a ‘no questions asked’7-day return policy. There is a year-long warranty on each ornament. Their aim is to bring international designs and quality to their customers and put a smile on their faces when they open the ornate box.

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