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    It is rightly said that Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world. Yet it is not available to all. For 90% of the students, classroom knowledge is not enough and they tend to take tuition for the same, while those who cannot afford extra classes search for a free source of knowledge to help them learn. There are various platforms which have been created in order to spread knowledge and help the students with their course, but their priority is to earn through students and not to help them learn which is why all of these are chargeable. Education fee is already a burden on most of the students. In the hope to learn something they often visit these platforms and most of the time they do find what they are looking for, but that information is limited. In order to learn more, they need to pay more, which makes these applications and websites nothing more than a virtual tuition.

    Ourcoaching.com aims to make a difference by providing the content for free of cost to all its users, thereby helping all those who want to learn but do not have sufficient resources. All you need is a computer and a network and you are good to go! This platform is open to online educators and teachers who are willing to teach online and gives them a chance to earn.No special skill is required by any individual in order to create content. This platform has tools and services with easy to use functions, which enables anyone and everyone to create the content in a subject of their expertise. There is no limit to content creation, they can post as much as they want. Since it a platform to share knowledge, it is open to all those who are willing to learn, and not just students. One can also bookmark tutors, topics and the posts they want to view later for reference and also ask questions and clear their doubts from tutors, that too without spending a penny. They are also planning on getting coaching institutes and academies on their platform and bridge the gap between them and the students. An institute can register themselves on their website and create a full page institute profile with overview and specialties and can also upload their photos and videos. They also get a privilege to add website URL and social media links and connect all their branches to one single account.

    It has been three years since this platform came into existence and has been gaining popularity ever since. The only reason behind their increasing traffic is access to the content without any restrictions.

    One can visit their website www.ourcoaching.com 

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    Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ourcoaching/ 
    Twitter – https://twitter.com/ourcoaching_web
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    YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Ourcoaching 

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