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    Preeti Dhillon - EZnet

    Women are the only source of life, yet their life is undermined. Being the strongest and the most determined, they are yet the least appreciated. Being independent not only provides a sense of satisfaction but also safety. It enables a person to live life on his own terms without depending on someone else and having to beg for the fulfillment of smallest of desires. This case is more prominent in women. And only another woman could understand the situation and provide a solution.

    Preeti Dhillon & Kanchan Singh are two such females who understood how important it is for a female to have her own identity and make her own mark. First of its kind virtual open workspace digital marketing company, known as Eznet Consulting, is one of the two ideas they came up with. Another one was making this opportunity available to only females for their growth and empowerment. Be it any reason, leaving a job to take care of the family, or ladies simply away on sabbatical, the opportunities are open to all. While keeping in mind the business perspective, they did not lose sight of the fact that it can be pretty difficult for a woman to manage household and business altogether, which is why they provide work to all those who are interested, from the comfort of their home and also provide a flexible work environment. Even the full-time employees are females making environment all the more comfortable and dependable.

    Eznet has a network of social media experts, web developers, content writers, designers, data analyst, app developers and strategists across India. All the coordination takes its course through teleconferencing and video conferencing. Work is shared online to minimize travel, thereby saving time and reducing carbon footprint. Unlike most of the companies which have an organizational hierarchy system, they work as a team, all the ideas and criticisms are welcomed. The pay varies from employee to employee as per their contribution, but there are no titles on their card so as to provide a sense of ownership to each and every employee which persuades them to work to the fullest of their potential. With a vision to help many more women they are now opening their training not only to women, who are keen to work with them but also to women who are keen to run their own little businesses so that they understand marketing and can handle their own social media marketing.

    Last but not the least, Preeti feels that women tend to be more creative and organized. They are social, so make better brand promoters. Also, they are really keen to prove their mettle and are more dedicated to their work which is what makes their model successful as they take personal accountability and don’t need too many checks in case of work from home. It is a win-win for the team members and the company.

    Kanchan Singh – EZnet

    Kanchan believes that while family life is very important women must always have their own income and saving no matter how small to keep a secure future from any sort of eventuality. Also, women who are not contributing members of a family are sometimes taken for granted and might feel guilty in spending. She encourages women to continue staying connected with mainstream even while on sabbatical.


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