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    To be a mom is a special feeling, and this feeling becomes more special when you are going to become a first-time mom. Thus a wait for arrival of a new life has started. We look forward to the welcome to our new little bundle of joy eagerly. Many years back in our mom’s time and their mom’s time this wait was too long and generally based upon thoroughly rough Idea by the midwife. But now we should thankful to the technology that we can calculate our happy days by the calculator that is known as Pregnancy Ovulation Calculator or Pregnancy Calendar or Week Calculator, through which you can get the date when your little munchkin supposed to arrive in your life and when you will likely to be fertile.

    This Pregnancy Week Calculator helps you to find the accurate weeks have passed of your pregnancy or from exactly how many weeks you are pregnant and what would be the due date of your newborn baby. To find the due date calculator is very easy, you just put the first date of your last period and have to click on “Calculate my Due Date”, The calculator will give you the date when will your baby open his or her eyes in this beautiful world and feel the very first soft touch of yours in your lap. That time when you first time take your baby in your arms and due date calculator calculate about the date of that special day. Normally pregnancy lasts about from 37 weeks to 42 weeks from the first day of your last periods. If your baby birth on exact your due date then it will be 38 weeks old. If we talk about the accuracy of Due Date Calculator then only 4% babies take birth on the due date, in case of the normal delivery baby only take birth when he is well grown and developed inside the womb of the mother.

    We all know about the fact that a woman only gets a higher chance of pregnancy during certain days of the month and those days held just before or after the ovulation time period of her. Pregnancy ovulation calculator helps you to find the exact time of your fertile days easily and very fast. Once you come to know what the right time of your ovulation is then it would be more convenient for you to be fertile. Motherhood offers you the Pregnancy Ovulation Calculator which helps to get the right time when you should more likely to be fertile, besides the use of this calculator is very easy. If you have your regular periods on time then this calculator is not less than a boon for you.

    To know your fertile period or to know about how many weeks you are pregnant and to know about the due date of your baby are things that every mother want to know about. Now use these calculators by Motherhood hospital and enjoy the very precious time of your life with a sweet smile.

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