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ThirdWatch: The Clever Way To Catch Fraud

  Technology has disrupted the methodology by which even the minutest day-to-day activity is performed and has connected the world as a giant nexus. All...

Froogal – A Young Startup Solving The Pain Points of Brick-and-Mortar Businesses..!!

While big brands have their own strategy and marketing team to levy a plan, Froogal comes out with a solution for Brick & Mortar...

Multiple Paid Internships are available in Digital marketing Business Development, Web development and DRONE...

Full Name Of your company/business along with your website.  TechEagle Innovations Pvt. Ltd. (www.techeagle.in)   Name of The Owner and Co-founder...
iLeaf Ritz Banquets

An anniversary with a difference – that made a difference

Welcome to ‘Care and Share’ – a unique concept initiated by iLeaf Ritz Banquets on their first anniversary celebration on April 23, 2018. They...

LudusPro – one-stop shop for gaming tournaments, both online and offline based at Bangalore.

Built on the premise that people will continue to gravitate toward professions they love and that esports falls within that criteria for many millennial,...